On February 18th, Fergie gave the world her own "special rendition" of the National Anthem at the NBA All-Star game. I believe that this was her opportunity to get her name back out in the media. It's the perfect plan: devise a way to get your name in the mouths of the public, so they can remember the good old days when "Fergalicious" topped the charts. While that song is still on top of her Spotify plays with 74,681,708 plays to date, she had an album "Double Duchess" come out in 2017 with featured artists Nicki Minaj, and Rick Ross. So if you were an artist America already knew and loved, and just needed an update, wouldn't you do something drastic to get your name back out?

All press is good press

Scrolling through Twitter, if you search "Fergie conspiracy," you'll get a lot of tweets like the one above. Usually in the entertainment business all press is good press, so Fergie knew that this could be the opportunity to bring more people to her older music and could possibly be preparing the world for a new album.

Political statement?

Other conspiracies Fergie's name has cropped up in is that she's a Russian agent. While this conspiracy is still connected to her National Anthem, it brings a different, more political view to her fun take on the anthem.

Other people are suggesting that the way she sang at the game was a political protest in the form of performance art. With all the the political drama in the news lately with West Virginian teachers being out of class protesting the unfair insurance and insufficient salaries, and the trending headlines with the teens from the high school in Florida, it might not be far off.

If this is to be a political statement, then Fergie is in line with football players who kneeled during football season. A lot of people got mad and upset, but everyone started talking about what could change and how we as a country could make things better. Everyone who has heard about either of these "movements" has had an opinion on it.

So, while we may not be criticizing her as much for it being a statement, because she is an upper class white woman, people will continue to have theories on exactly why she changed the arrangement so much.

While Fergie did apologize for her version of the song, I personally don't think that she really needed to. I think in our world celebrities should be able to explore artistically and take chances. I mean, when you're stuck with the same song at the beginning of every sporting event and any other gathering in America, we as an audience sometimes want, and deserve some entertainment.

Even if Fergie didn't secretly have this plot in mind to become popular again, she definitely became newsworthy again. Sometimes we need something in a tough time to make us laugh, and, as you could clearly see, most of the players and audience members couldn't keep a smile off of their faces. So, thank you, Fergie!