There are only three episodes left in the "Walking Dead" Season 8 and things are starting to really heat up. With what started off once again as a relatively slow-moving season the final four episodes are setting up to be quite exciting. There was a lot of action going down in episode 13 not only in the all-out war against Negan and the Saviours, but also viewers get to see walkers on a feeding frenzy inside the gates of the Hilltop.

Season 8 'Walking Dead' deaths, more to come

So, with that being said, who died in episode 13 of season 8? Spoilers below, so if you have not had a chance to watch and don't enjoy spoilers here is your chance to exit.

Here we go...Time to pay our "Walking Dead" respects to Tobin. Try as he might the character of Tobin just couldn't really grasp the hearts of viewers, or Carol for that matter and so we say goodbye. Tobin had a good run, he stepped up when Rick and the group needed him most. He also tried to help Carol through some pretty dark times, but somehow it just wasn't enough and if we had to face another "Walking Dead" character loss so soon after Carl, this one hurt the least.

Maggie forced to relive heartbreaking deja vu, will Glenn show up in her thoughts?

At least he went out fighting, he also went out as a walker. RIP Tobin...Now onto some other highlights of the episode. Since Negan has figured out how to use the walkers in his favor things are getting very scary for Rick and the group.

Spoiler reports according to MonekeysFighting allegedly reveal just how the episodes leading up to the "Walking Dead" Season 8 finale will go down. This is not 100 percent confirmed, but no spoilers really are until aired.

Coming full circle we are reportedly going to see another scary line up placed in front of Negan.

By now Negan has had just about all he is going to take from Rick and his group and his desperation is beginning to show. So many members of Rick's group are once again captured, and once again placed on their knees to face Negan's wrath. Now the Season 8 line up will consist of the lineup veterans Rick, Michonne, Maggie, Rosita, Daryl, newbies Morgan, Carol, Ezekiel, Jesus, and Gabriel.

Now the first five have been in this situation before, and are scared out of their wits because they have already seen first hand what goes down with Negan in this situation after watching Glenn Rhea and Abraham Ford meet Lucille, Negan is extremely p***ed and has decided this time around he will clean house completely. He orders his guys to execute everyone. Cue the Saviours who are dangerous and armed with guns stocked well with Eugene's homemade bullets.

On Negan's cue, he orders his men to shoot to kill and they begin firing...However, the guns fail to fire off the ammo and instead explode wiping out a massive group of Negan's best men. Somehow Negan once again manages to escape death and takes off to hunt down Eugene.

He catches up with Eugene and attempts to shoot him, but, Dwight comes in and saves Eugene's life.

Again, Negan escapes into the woods but this time is captured by Rick Grimes. Rick will take Negan prisoner and lock him away in the cell that Morgan built at Alexandria. “This is where you die,” he says to Negan for about the 50th time. Fade to black... If Negan does finally meet his fate, well we won't find out until Season 9, which will air in October of 2018.

What are your thoughts on Season 8 of the "Walking Dead" thus far, and who else will die before the final scene?