Music legend Elton John has been left out of his Mother's will. The "Crocodile Rock" hitmaker has recently discovered that just three weeks before his mother's passing, she changed her last will and testament, leaving her son Elton John only two ceramic urns.

Elton and mom Sheila estranged for nearly a decade

Sheila Farebrother, John's mother, died holding a massive grudge against her famous son, according to reports from Page Six News. It was a major slap in the face to John, who recently found out that his mom had left his former assistant, Bob Halley, more than $738,000.

This comes as a huge shocker to John, who recently ended a nine-year falling out that began after Elton had told his mother she must cut all ties with Halley, along with his ex-manager John Reid.

Sheila Farebrother leaves bulk of cash to John's former assistant

John's mother had major issues with her son's demands. She told the Telegraph that she spoke with Elton and told him that she was not going to end her relationship with Halley because he was "like a son" to her. She added that Bob had done a lot for her over the years, he lived close by, and always made sure to look in on her to see how she was and if she needed anything.

This caused a major issue between the mother and son; one that kept them estranged from each other for nearly a decade.

However, despite their differences, soon after Elton John suffered a major health scare after contracting a bacterial infection, the two ended their feud. According to the will, John's mother Sheila changed her plans on November 10, 24 days before her passing, stating that Halley received the $738,000. The rest of her cash was to be split between her son, John's half-brother Fredrick Farebrother, and her close friend Deborah Woodward.

John's inheritance: Once again two ceramic urns.

Elton John certainly doesn't need the money from his mother's estate. The singer's current estimated net worth exceeds $414 million. However, it's the principal of the matter to Elton, who is obviously wounded by his mother's final slam directed at him. What is done is done. Though Elton mourns the loss of his mother, he must continue on with life and business as usual.

Elton recently revealed he would be embarking on his final tour before retiring from a long and successful career in the music business.

Following the end of his final tour, Elton John reveals he will be spending more time at home with his family. Elton John's farewell tour begins in September of 2018 and will wrap up the final show in July of 2019. Check out John's official website for a complete list of shows near you. What are your thoughts on Elton John's mom's final will?