Talk show host Wendy Williams announced on February 21 that her doctor prescribed a three-week medical leave because of Graves' disease and hyperthyroidism. She told her studio and television audiences that she would be back in two weeks. She has never taken a sick day before in her ten years of hosting "The Wendy Williams Show" that airs on television twice a day.

A representative announced that the show would be airing reruns during Wendy's absence. She has been away from her signature purple chair for two weeks, and her fans have missed her. On her last day on the show before starting her medical leave she was asked if she would get a replacement host for the time she would be out.

She emphatically said, "No." People believed her because she had never had a replacement before.

Guest host

According to TMZ, something or someone changed Wendy's mind because there will be a replacement after all. The producers announced last week that actor Jerry O'Connell will be the show's guest host from March 12 through March 16. Wendy is expected to return on Monday, March 19.

The 44-year-old actor is a friend of the show and Wendy's personal friend. That's why she is comfortable turning "The Wendy Williams Show" over to him for a week.

Wendy tweeted to her followers about the decision, and she also made a statement to Us Weekly. She said she was happy to welcome O'Connell as a guest host while she is getting some much-needed rest. The actor is very excited to be the replacement host for a week, and he promised to "Say it like he means it."

During Wendy's absence

People who know Wendy know that she must not have been happy to miss talking about so many hot topics during her absence.

She has missed talking about the Oscars hosted by Jimmy Kimmel for his second consecutive year.

She missed "The Bachelor" controversy when Arie Luyendyk proposed to one woman and broke up with her and then got engaged to the runner-up. Wendy would have had a field day with that news. She wasn't there to tell fans how Jack died on "This Is Us" or that Meghan Markle has been baptized, confirmed and now officially belongs to the Church of England.

By the time the outspoken host returns, the success of "Black Panther" will be old news that the Marvel film grossed over a billion dollar in just 26 days.

While the 53-year-old talk show host missed discussing a lot of things during her Hot Topic segment, she will no doubt have much more news to report when she returns.