Looking like things are not going right for Ryan Edwards. The reality show star is founding himself in the controversy each day. Drugs, if done in excess do no good to your life. And when we talk about Drugs, we have to talk about Ryan Edwards.

As per the reports, the "Teen Mom OG" star, Ryan Edwards is back in rehab. According to InTouckWeekly, Edwards has failed his recent drug test which has led to the cancellation of his visitation rights with his 9-year-old son Bentley. Furthermore, the star has enrolled himself in a treatment facility.

Edwards back on drugs

Edwards who was clean for 30 Days last summer is reportedly back on drugs now. According to a post on Reddit, he failed a court-ordered drug test for various types of pills on March 2. A post also states that his wife Mackenzie Standifer is trying to cover up for Edwards' issues and is telling people that he has enrolled himself in truck driving classes. According to TheHollywoodGossip, Mackenzie said "it's disgusting to say something that has absolutely no merit," and that "if Ryan failed a court-ordered drug test he would be in jail." She also confirmed that he was at the TMOG reunion filming on March 3, not rehab. According to PopCulture, "Edwards even once admitted to a friend that he was still experiencing withdrawal symptoms despite having said that he had completed a detox program."

It's further claimed that she has lost the custody of her son Hudson to her ex-husband, which means that Standifer chose her husband Edwards, over her son Hudson.

And that's actually a good thing because Hudson can now get the much-needed attention and his daddy can take care of all his needs. Fans are hoping that Ryan will soon return to his normal life.

More regarding the 'Teen Mom OG'

Edwards drug problem has been one of the major highlights of the show and in the last season finale of Teen Mom OG Edwards was seen falling asleep since he was driving under the influence of drugs to his own wedding.

Standifer admitted earlier that Edwards has been spending around $10,000 on drugs every month. Now that's a huge amount, isn't it?

Well, amidst all these speculations we hope that Edwards is not back in rehab and is still off drugs like before since drugs do no good to anyone. Meanwhile, apart from it, another report came regarding the show recently.

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