Germany has opened its very first "sex doll brothel" for men. Yes, you read that right. This is a new hot spot where men can visit to have sexual encounters with sex dolls, and this might not be such a bad idea.

Take a step on the wild side

Most may be creeped out if they were to ever walk into a building with a large amount of sex dolls just sitting around like normal human beings but this is not the case in Germany apparently. Germany has become the very first country to open a brothel where men can go to have sex with silicon-based sex dolls.

"Brodoll" located in Dortmund, Germany, is home to 13 sex dolls ready for action -- founded by a 29-year-old lady by the name of Evelyn Schwarz back in 2017.

According to The New York Post, Schwarz believes this brothel will be a huge success because "sex dolls are so popular because the client can do what he wants to and nobody complains." All of the dolls available for pleasure have their own names like a real human and their own rooms for privacy. They have different eye and hair colors, and even structures depending on the man's preference.

They stand about five feet tall, similar to an average real human woman's height. But of course, there is a price for pleasure. Each session costs about $100 per hour and each doll can only operate twelve sessions per day.

It's understandable why the cost is so high to have some fun here because each doll is worth up to $3,000 a piece, according to the Huffington Post.

Sick fetish or safe alternative to prostitution?

Most women would find this sort of place disturbing for men to actually want to visit, but according to Schwarz, some women have even sat in their cars and waited while their husbands entered the brothel for a quickie with a doll of their choice.

They do not see it as something that could bring harm to their husbands, themselves, or their relationship. They just see it as their husbands and boyfriends having innocent fun with a toy every now and then.

There are some concerns from locals in terms of the direction these sexual brothels with toys are taking. Many critics believe places like this empower men to degrade real human women and push rape culture in reality.

They believe some men may get the fantasy world and reality mixed up and feel as though they can do to real women what they are doing to these toys.

Critics are also concerned about the spread of diseases and infections if the dolls are not cleaned properly after each use. So far, government officials and law enforcement have not considered these dolls a safety hazard for anyone and these brothels are not classified as prostitution houses since the dolls are fake and not real human beings.