New Jersey native Kenneth Bachman spent the weekend partying at West Virginia University, ending up with a surprising $1,600 Uber ride. Bachman cannot remember anything other than drinking all night at the bar. Kenneth Bachman spoke to saying he remembers going to a frat party and then to a local bar. He says he spent $200 at the bar and then later just blacked out.

Bachman later woke up in an Uber next to a random older guy, who told him he was an hour away from New Jersey. Bachman has no recollection of ordering an Uber or even wanting to go home.

However, that's where he was headed. Worst of all, he didn't realize he selected the UberXL, which according to Uber is the vehicle you choose when you want to spread out during the ride home.

Bachman comes home with a massive bill in tow

After arriving home, he was left with an Uber bill of $1,635.93. Bachman was left to pay the bill and has not told anyone if he added a tip. It's still unclear if Bachman intended to give the Uber driver the address of the place he was staying at WVU or if he really wanted to get back to Jersey. Bachman's bill broke down with a $3.94 base fare, a $2.35 booking fee, $696.95 for distance and $115.90 for time. Kenneth Bachman traveled during a surge pricing time period, which doubled every charge except for booking fees.

Kenneth Bachman said that his driver was fined at every tollbooth because they didn't have the money for tolls. When Bachman arrived in New Jersey, he went to a CVS and got cash for his driver for tolls on the way back. Uber confirmed that the ride did take place and that the driver took Bachman to the destination requested.

Bachman jokingly told CBS that he was heading back to West Virginia to pick up his bags. Bachman attempted to challenge the charge, claiming he never inputted his home address for Uber.

He also claims that the driver had his phone and even answered a FaceTime call from his friend. Bachman later resolved the issue with Uber and agreed to pay the bill.

Kenneth Bachman was stuck with the reality of the massive bill because he didn't want to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere. It's unclear who actually inputted the New Jersey address, but Bachman did say he was pretty drunk and couldn't remember exactly what happened during the night's events. Issues with surprising bills have been a common occurrence with Uber, but most of the time the riders are not understanding the fees and surge prices, that take effect throughout the day especially on weekends.