"Atlanta" season two is on the way! Created by award winning actor Donald Glover, the hit FX series is coming back in 2018, and we could not be more excited for this! Season one was filed with lots of laughs and entertainment, so we can only assume season two will bring that same energy if not more!

Season two is coming March 2018

To kick off the spring season of the new year the right way, "Atlanta" will air on Thursday, March 01, 2018, on the FX channel at 10 p.m.

This is great timing to begin the spring season, along with providing more entertainment for fans leading into the summer time.

With season one, we were left with Earnest going to his storage building full of all of his valuables just to go to sleep for the night. The entire time it was believed this man was living with his girlfriend whom is the mother of his child as well, Van, but he was really homeless and living in his storage building trying to make a way out of no way. We are hoping that with season two things get better for him and his family overall. Even though his living situation is not the best, he tends to make the most of it and stays humble and hopeful throughout it all.

Did Van find a new job?

One question that fans still wonder about is whether or not Van was able to find a new job. If you can remember, Van ended up smoking weed with her very promiscuous and high-class best friend, who came in town to see her while on what you would call a mini pit stop.

Van thought it was just a friendly dinner date with a friend, but that same friend ended up placing Van on a surprise blind date with a guy she knew through another guy she was already dating, which did not sit well with Van at all.

Well, long story short, as an apology for the surprise move on Van, they ended up going to the parking lot and smoking just to think back on the good times they both had together during their childhood.

This apology backfired on Van big time. Her friend ended up gone in the wind yet again, leaving Van to hang herself with her adult responsibilities.

Van's phone alarm went off the very next morning, reminding her that she did in fact have a drug test that same morning at her job. Well, she ended up scrambling trying to get some clean urine to pass the test from Alfred, but ended up using her daughter's used diapers for the clean urine. Even though some would think this was a great idea, this plan quickly backfired on Van yet again. She ended up spilling all the urine all over herself trying to get it in the urine sample cup during the drug test procedure. Her boss confronted her about the test, and she ended up telling on herself and getting fired from her job on the spot. Fans wondered if she worked out that situation at the end of season one, so hopefully season two will clear up what happened after this crazy turn of events.