Reality show "Southern Charm" welcomes us into the world of scandals, money, dating and exclusivity in the South. A spin-off from the original series will give us a look into the lives of the privileged in new orleans. With new faces comes new drama as we get to see how these Cast Members navigate the New Orleans scene.

The reality show follows people who come from well-known families and live luxurious lives in Louisiana. See what it is like to be amongst New Orleans socialites. The first teaser has been released and it shows us a drama-filled, secret revealing season.

With a city known for its food, vibrant live music and crazy atmosphere, we can definitely expect a great season.

'Southern Charm': Established socialites

There is a little bit of everything in this cast and a lot of strong personalities. Joining the cast this season is Tamica Lee, known to be the new face of New Orleans. She is joined by her husband, Barry Smith who is an entrepreneur. Along with businessman Justin Reese, retired football player and wife Jeff and Reagan Charleston and art world icon Jon Moody, the cast is filled with unique characters.

Each cast member is known to be the best at what they do. We do not know what to expect or what will take place this season, however, one thing is for sure: there will be drama.

Personalities will clash and fights will take place, but despite all the big names and egos, they all must make space for everyone in the "Big Easy."

Spin-off of the original 'Southern Charm' series

"Southern Charm" has visited two other Southern cities. One being the original show which was filmed in Charleston and another in Savannah.

According to E! News, "Southern Charm Charleston" has been renewed for a fifth season, however, there is no word on whether or not Savannah could get a second season. New Orleans is the third city the series has filmed in and it has been said to be a season you cannot stop watching.

"Southern Charm Charleston" has become so successful that their fifth season will be airing on April 5.

Not only is the series successful, but some cast members found themselves other business ventures since appearing on the show. Charleston star Shepard "Shep" Rose has his own dating show called "Relationshep." There is hope that New Orleans will prove to be just as entertaining and that it will show people that New Orleans is the place to be.

Check out the trailer below and watch the season unfold starting April 15 on Bravo!