On January 23rd, the news was flooded with word of a school shooting in Kentucky. With 2 students killed and 18 injured, this is the first the mainstream news has heard of a school shooting even though 10 others have already happened this year. Some people agree that the shootings happen so frequently in America, that people are numb to it. Others think that the flooding of news stations about the government shutdown has distracted the masses from things that matter a bit more -- the lives and safety of our children in schools. Either way, the majority of people are appalled and outraged at the fact that School Shootings are becoming so frequent.

Sensible gun laws

Kentucky's school shooting was by far the deadliest this year. And even though the involvement of guns in any school environment is a cause for concern, not all the shootings involved students getting hurt, or even took place inside the school. Either way, many people are calling for Gun Control.

All school shootings this month:

January 3 - East Olive Elementary School, Michigan

A 31-year-old man committed suicide in the parking lot of the elementary school.

The school was closed for break at this time, so no students or faculty were injured.

January 4 - New Start High School, Washington

Around 1:30 pm, a shot was fired through an office window at the school. The bullet was found lodged in a three-ringed binder. No one was injured, but no one could identify the shooter.

January 6 - Forest City School District, Iowa

The window of a school bus was shot out on Friday afternoon.

No one was injured, and it was revealed that the bullet was a stray from an isolated incident.

January 9 - Coronado Elementary School, Arizona

A 14 year-old committed suicide in his school's bathroom with a handgun. The police arrived on the scene expecting an active shooter as reported, but instead found the boy dead in the bathroom.

January 10 - California State University, San Bernardino, California

Shots were fired on the campus and a bullet went through the school's Visual Arts building. Classes were cancelled that night, and faculty and students in the building were housed there until 9:30pm.

January 10 - Grayson College, Texas

A student at Grayson College mistook a training weapon for a real one after an advisor left the box unlocked. He fired the weapon and it went through the wall of the classroom. Luckily, no students were in the hallway at the time. The bullet was not found, but no one was harmed.

January 15 - Wiley College, Texas

Two people in a dark sedan pulled up in the parking lot of the dorm at Wiley and exchanged fire with another party in the lot.

A stray bullet flew into a dorm room housing 3 students, but fortunately no one was harmed.

January 20 - Wake Forest University, North Carolina

Najee Ali Baker was shot around 1:00 a.m on his campus. The police believe that the incident was an isolated one, and the shooter was not found. Baker passed away at the hospital.

January 22 - The Net Charter School, Louisiana

A student was taken to the hospital after shots were fired at the school. It wasn't made clear if the injury was from the chaos or the gunshots. Someone from a dark-colored pickup truck fired the shots, and police are still looking for the suspect.

January 22 - Italy High School, Texas

A 16-year-old student opened fire in his school cafeteria with a semi-automatic handgun.

There were around 45-55 students in the cafeteria, but only one student was wounded.

January 23 - Marshall County High School, Kentucky

2 students were killed and 18 students were injured at Marshall County High School. A 15-year-old will be charged with the murder of Preston Cope and Bailey Hope. Cope passed away in the hospital, while Hope passed away at the scene. She was reportedly on the phone with her mother as she passed.

What will it take?

11 instances in the first 23 days of January where children in the United States were either at risk, wounded, or lost their lives to the irresponsible handling of firearms. What is the government going to do to protect the future of this country? As of now, they don't seem to have a plan.

After all, it took President Trump a whole day to address the incident on Twitter. Even the Prime Minister of Canada offered his condolences in a timely manner:

It is speculated that Trump only responded to the event after receiving backlash for tweeting about other affairs the entire day before.