"General Hospital" spoiler alerts suggest that tension will soon mount between Drew, Franco and Jim Harvey. Both of the men who were raised by Betsy Frank are seeking answers for things they cannot remember from their childhood. Franco is certain that Jim is lying when he suggests that "Bobby" was a violent child and pushed "Andy" down the stairs. The storyline seems to be headed in the direction of Harvey being a bully and possibly abusing the young boys. Celeb Dirty Laundry is hinting that this may indeed be the case. When Andrew cannot get the answers he needs from Franco, he is going to confront Jim himself and things are going to become volatile.

Franco and Drew need answers

Franco went to confront Jim Harvey rather than go to the church and marry Liz. Harvey attempted to play into Bobby's fears that he was a bad seed who pushed an innocent Drew down the stairs. Franco, however, has been remembering bits and pieces of the situation and he no longer agrees with this scenario. On Friday he attempted to force the truth out of the man who once dated his mother, but it was to no avail.

Franco has been suspicious of Jim Harvey showing up in Port Charles and believes he is hiding something regarding his past with Betsy. Both of Ms. Frank's "boys" are having issues with remembering their life together. Drew is desperate to remember his childhood and has even softened a little towards the man he hates because of what he did to Sam and Michael.

Now, spoilers say that Drew's frustration will cause him to try and get the answers for himself.

Drew and Jim may have a showdown

Celeb Dirty Laundry states that Drew will press Franco but will be unable to get anything out of him. He will see that the artist is clearly rattled and will go and confront Harvey by himself. Spoilers tease that things may become physical and Harvey may even hit Drew and bring back a past memory of abuse.

This storyline is more than five months into the nine-month arc so it's natural that some of the mystery begins to be wrapped up.

Spoilers say that eventually Drew will decide to form a bond with Franco and determine that they should work together to unlock their childhood memories. This is a turn around that some fans have hoped for but no one actually saw coming at this point. Continue watching for the day ahead alerts, and be sure not to miss an episode of "General Hospital" because things are getting suspenseful. "GH" airs weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC.