Farrah Abraham claimed she was wrongfully terminated from the successful reality show, "Teen Mom OG." As viewers will see on the next episode of the show, senior producer Morgan J. Freeman will tell Farrah that she can't continue to film the show if she continues to work in adult entertainment. At the time, Abraham was planning on doing webcam shows for people, who were willing to pay good money for it. When she was fired, Abraham revealed that she wasn't being treated fairly and she used the recent social movements to support her case. She pointed to gender quality and the #MeToo phenomenon, as she claims she felt wrongly treated by Morgan, who was her boss at MTV.

In a recent lawsuit, she explained that she felt threatened by his presence.

According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham decided that she didn't want to go to New York to film the "Teen Mom OG" reunion special. The filming supposedly took place this weekend, the same time as the Oscars. Instead, Abraham decided to attend the Oscars and walk the Red Carpet. She gave a shout-out to the host, Jimmy Kimmel, and talked about how she loved the political discussions that took place on stage.

Skipped scheduled MTV event

On Twitter, Farrah Abraham revealed that she loved that the Oscars focused on #TimesUp and equality in the workplace, which appears to be her biggest problem with "Teen Mom OG." It's uncertain whether Farrah chose to stop filming with MTV the day she was asked to stop filming.

If that is the case it's possible that she got to skip the reunion special because she felt that the working contract had been terminated. One can imagine that MTV won't push Farrah to film anything for MTV, considering she has disrespected a producer several times and she was fired.

Lawsuit over wrongful termination

It's interesting that Farrah Abraham mentions #TimesUp in her tweet about the show, as she feels that she was wrongly treated by MTV producers.

She has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the network and against the senior producer, who fired her. She feels that she was wrongfully fired because she chose to work with companies in the adult entertainment industry. Farrah has used gender equality in her argument against MTV. It's uncertain whether the network will fight back against Abraham.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham's tweet from the red carpet? Do you think she has a case against MTV about being wrongfully convicted?