Simon Saran was a staple on “Teen Mom OG” for several seasons. He dated Farrah Abraham on and off but never would settle down with her. The two were friends and then, they weren't speaking. It was a cycle that was almost predictable. Saran took a lot from her, especially when she was throwing a tantrum about getting engaged. When he outed her for buying her own “engagement ring.” Abraham was embarrassed. That didn't last long though, as the two were filming together again after that debacle.

Simon calls out Farrah's new man

If you follow Simon Saran, you know there is nothing he keeps to himself.

He has called out Morgan J. Freeman on several occasions, posted screenshots, and done way more to keep his followers entertained. In fact, he actually confirmed there was a “Teen Mom” pregnancy bonus given to the stars for their second child and beyond. While the network never commented on it, many viewers took that as a confirmation instead of a denial. Now, Saran has a new target.

Farrah Abraham recently confirmed she was dating a new man. Aden Stay is famous and recently was linked to Rebel Wilson. Abraham shared a photo with her new man, and Simon Saran took to Twitter to call him out.

In a screenshot he posted, there was a conversation about a possible STD scare. While it is unclear whether the conversation was actually Stay or if it was authentic, Saran has not been known to doctor anything. Fans have been sounding off, wondering whether or not there is something being passed between the couple. Simon has said the conversation is from the man's other girlfriend, but as of now, nothing is confirmed.

The chaos continues

Teen Mom OG” fans are waiting for Farrah Abraham to respond. Simon Saran has tagged her in the tweet. He called it “embarrassing” and told his ex-girlfriend to take him to the doctor. This is going to get ugly, but it wouldn't be the first time Saran has caused chaos on Twitter. He knows a lot about the behind-the-scenes stuff, and with all of his knowledge, there is probably more dirt coming.

Fans have been following him for the tea for years now. Despite his relationship with Abraham ending, there are still some viewers who wish the show would have kept him around. Life was more interesting with his commentary on the show.

Tonight's episode of "Teen Mom OG" will feature Farrah Abraham being let go. The season is wrapping up, and the reunion was filmed this weekend without her. It looks like we haven't seen the last of her, even if her MTV run is over.