"Teen Mom OG" fans have been waiting for tonight's episode for months. Catelynn Lowell entered treatment in November, and the new episode will show what transpired to bring her to that decision. A lot has been revealed this season with her pregnancy being the biggest shock. Lowell and Tyler Baltierra did not publicly announce they were expecting, but it was shown on the show.

Pregnancy reveal

Catelynn Lowell surprised Tyler Baltierra with the news they were expecting. The moment was perfect as it played out in front of the "Teen Mom OG" cameras. Both had talked about expanding their family, but Baltierra had no clue Lowell had her birth control removed.

Fans were confused about why there had been no pregnancy announcement from the couple. All of the pieces came together when it was leaked that Catelynn had suffered a miscarriage. That, coupled with the admittance to treatment, made everything make sense. Lowell had lost the pregnancy and became engulfed with thoughts of suicide.

The road to treatment

In the new Sneak Peek for tonight's "Teen Mom OG," Catelynn Lowell is shown on her way to the airport. Tyler Baltierra's mom, Kim, calls to find out what is going on. Her encouragement brings Lowell back to tears. The plan for treatment was 30 days, but Catelynn stayed longer and returned home only for a few short days before heading back. This was a significant point in their lives, and now, fans will have an inside look at the backstory.

Rumors circulated that Catelynn Lowell may not attend the upcoming taping of the "Teen Mom OG" reunion. It is now being said that she will be able to make it, and has gotten clearance from the treatment facility. Tyler Baltierra spent a week with his wife earlier this month, and it appeared the two are working through this like they have in the past.

They have beaten every obstacle thrown their way, and now, they are ready to conquer this one.

Tonight's episode has been heavily anticipated."Teen Mom OG fans" are ready for the heartbreak when Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra face their miscarriage. A lot has happened since November, and now, everything is coming full circle.

There are a lot of questions, and most of them should be answered with tonight's episode. Lowell and Baltierra are expected to be in New York this weekend, and fans hipe seeing their friends will help ease the pain of talking about it again. This will be one show you won't want to miss.