Mackenzie McKee has a lot going on right now. In January, she shared the news that her mom, Angie Douthit is fighting brain cancer. The revelation stunned "Teen Mom" fans, who remember Angie from Mackenzie's run on "Teen Mom 3."

Soon after learning about Douthit's condition, rumors started making their rounds that Mackenzie was headed back to MTV. After Mackenzie shared a picture of herself and her mother sitting down with "Teen Mom" producers, it was clear that something was up but they continued to tease us for just a little bit longer.

There was speculation that she might get her own special in order to put a spotlight on her mom's cancer battle.

Fans also suggested that she might be replacing Jenelle Evans on "Teen Mom 2.It turns out that neither of those guesses were right and Mackenzie McKee was recently announced as Farrah Abraham's replacement on "Teen Mom OG."

Mackenzie makes time for her mom

Between her return to MTV on "Teen Mom OG" and her growing fitness brand, Mackenzie's own projects are enough to keep her busy. Even with all of that going on plus a husband and three kids, Mackenzie has her hands full. Still, she's making sure that every moment with her mom counts right now.

Recently, Mackenzie shared some photos from a family trip to Florida. It looked like a lot of fun with her husband and kids. However, there was a special lady with them for the trip.

In a Blasting News exclusive, Mackenzie McKee is opening up about how they made Angie Douthit's birthday special this year during their trip to Miami Beach.

"My mom's birthday was Extra Special this year," Mackenzie said. "We all got to be together and realize that she went above and beyond every year for her kids to make sure our birthdays growing up were everything and more.

I realize more now than ever that no one is promised tomorrow so be kind to others, enjoy life, and go above and beyond for people. We were all in Florida and got to throw together a surprise party for her and it was just all so perfect. She deserves the world."

Making every moment count

This isn't the first special thing Mackenzie McKee has done for her mom lately.

Earlier this month, Mackenzie and her sisters did something really special for their mom. They had Angie write "always be kind" in her own handwriting. Then all of the sisters had her words tattooed on their left forearms except for Kaylee because she's pregnant.

In a touching Instagram message, Angie Douthit explained how she was glad they only inked her words and decided not to add a cancer ribbon. "I don’t want my life to be remembered for the cancer. I want it to be remembered for what I did to share Christ. So last night when they revealed their tattoos to me, I was very pleased because, they all started telling me about how many people they have already been able to share what the tattoo means."

Mackenzie McKee's mom really is a special lady. Happy birthday to Angie Douthit! Surely, with Mackenzie added to the "Teen Mom OG" cast, we'll get to see more of their great bond.