Amber Portwood returned to television this past Friday as the newest season of "Marriage Bootcamp" premiered. Of course, Amber has revealed that she filmed the show a long time ago and that fans should keep in mind that she was in the middle of leaving Matt Baier at the time. On this current season of "Teen Mom OG," Amber appears to be doing well and balancing her life in a positive way. But on the first episode of "Marriage Bootcamp," Amber completely freaked out. She lashed out at Matt, calling him a liar and a thief. She also questioned whether the relationship was truly good for her.

But it was surprising that she lashed out at her fellow co-stars. Celebrities, such as Brandi Glanville, revealed she was terrified of Amber.

According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood has revealed that she Relapsed prior to the show. This was something she discussed on Twitter, revealing that she had gone off her medications and was drinking again. She was clearly stressed out about Matt's behavior as shown on the previous episode of "Teen Mom OG." While filming the show, a producer named Andrew Glennon fell in love with her and reached out after the show came to an end.

Relapses are expected

While Amber may have been worried about speaking out about her relapse, it sounds like some of her fans are coming to her defense.

They believe that her relapse is part of her recovery, so they understand why she's fighting for her life and keeping things to herself. Plus, Portwood had been very honest with her "Teen Mom OG" fans and she may have been worried about disappointing them with her relapse. It's surprising how much support she's getting online, as a relapse is a serious thing.

One can imagine that Matt wasn't the best influence, as he admitted to relapsing as well.

Pregnant and looking forward to the future

These days, Amber is currently pregnant. She's due in May with her son, James, and she and Andrew Glennon are excited to add this little baby to their family. He doesn't have any children and Amber has Leah with her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley.

Amber really wanted to work things out with Andrew, as they got pregnant after just three months of dating. Some fans questioned her timeline, hinting that she could be carrying Matt's baby.

What do you think about Amber Portwood getting so much support after relapsing with alcohol and going off her medication? Do you think she's ready to have another baby after her long journey?