Kylie Jenner and prominent rapper Travis Scott welcomed their daughter to the world a month ago. However, the birth and news around the pregnancy were kept a secret from the public as no word came out about any of it.

Both new parents showed off their daughter Stormi to the world via social media. And it looks like Scott and Jenner will be raising their daughter the right way. They celebrated the one month birth of their daughter with a selfie. The article by The website People, written by Dave Quinn, gives the rundown of the story.

Selfie time!

Stormi Webster has her first official selfie!

Kylie Jenner posted a picture via Snapchat with the fire filter. By the first impression, their daughter looks very happy and absolutely adorable, sporting a purple pacifier. The daughter looks absolutely cute as can be. The caption in the snap was labeled, "My pretty girl." The daughter has a unique name and looks a lot like her mother.

Jenner even posted hours earlier of the baby's wardrobe of Adidas tracksuits. Their daughter is going to arrive in style and will have a sense of fashion just like Kylie. Travis Scott has been excited for their new-born and in being a father. He also posted on Snap of his daughter to the public. The rapper known for rocking stages and starting a party appropriately made the caption to the picture "Our little rager!!!"

Both are very busy in their everyday lives with Kylie Jenner running her own business and Travis Scott being involved in music and going on tours.

It is not yet known when Scott's upcoming project 'Astroworld,' will be arriving, but it could be in the works.

Out of the spotlight

Both Travis and Kylie have decided to keep Stormi out of the spotlight from the media and public for fgood reason. It is not good for a baby to be in the spotlight already, as it raises distractions and bad influences.

Both parents want to raise the daughter like normal and be treated as such. They should both be applauded for doing so, especially with all the drama in the Kardashian family.

The protection is validated in a quote in the article. It states, "A source previously told PEOPLE the Kylie Cosmetics beauty mogul, "is very protective of Stormi and of introducing her to new people and the outside world." Jenner and Scott have only shown glimpses of their daughter for the media and nothing else.

It is clear that Kylie Jenner wants to raise the daughter her own way with Scott and heed advice from the Kardashians.