Farrah Abraham has reportedly been replaced on "Teen Mom OG" by former "Teen Mom 3" cast member Mackenzie McKee, formerly Mackenzie Douthit. Although MTV has not yet confirmed the recent casting news, Abraham's mom, Debra Danielsen, has spoken out about the report, admitting that she's never followed McKee and doesn't know a whole lot about her or her story.

"Her [mother Angie Douthit's battle with] brain cancer is traumatic. I feel for [Mackenzie McKee] and I do think she will bring value to the series," Danielsen told In Touch Weekly during a phone interview on March 1.

However, after stating that McKee will bring value to the show, Danielsen noted that McKee's storyline may not be that relatable to viewers. After all, the mother of three is a female bodybuilder, which isn't the most common hobby of today's youth. Danielsen even said that she's not so sure that viewers will want to relate to McKee's story after her own daughter, Farrah Abraham, was fired from the show.

Not having Farrah Abraham will be a 'huge loss' for 'Teen Mom OG'

Continuing on to In Touch Weekly, Debra Danielsen said that losing Farrah Abraham was a "huge loss" for MTV, who chose to boot their longtime star due to her bad treatment of their staff. As Danielsen pointed out, there are tons of fans out there who love to see Abraham and their family on the show and many of them have reached out to her personally and informed her that they would love to see her continue her role on the show.

The fans have also reportedly told Danielsen that they will miss seeing Abraham's nine-year-old daughter, Sophia Abraham, growing up.

On the other side of things, Debra Danielsen admitted that she's also faced tons of criticism and haters online. As she explained, while many say that they will miss Abraham on "Teen Mom OG," others are rejoicing that they will no longer be forced to follow her drama on the MTV reality series.

Farrah Abraham's mother Debra will miss MTV and their film crew

While Debra Danielsen will likely be relieved that she will no longer be dealing with her online haters, she told In Touch Weekly magazine that MTV and their film crew have become part of her family in recent years. "I'll miss them and I just really am sad about the whole situation," she explained.

"Teen Mom OG" season seven is currently airing on Monday nights at 9 PM on MTV. There is no word yet on when the show will return to the network for Season 8.