Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans knows how to push buttons, that’s for sure. Just look at the reality show’s fan base and social media comments. Most recently, Jenelle reportedly posted a video on Facebook of Dana Loesch, a spokeswoman for the NRA, Hollywood Gossip noted.

Along with the video, Jenelle made no bones about relaying that she is now a member of the NRA. Yes, you read that correctly. The NRA, as in the National Rifle Association, now has Jenelle Evans in its membership ranks.

The reality star wrote that she does not care who will “hate” her for joining the NRA, but that she did and that she will “protect” her family.

With public flares of her temper in the past, and tirades unleashed on her mother, there is nothing like someone who has presented herself as a hothead and who is proud of gun use and ownership joining the NRA.

Though the food delivery company Blue Apron bounced Jenelle from endorsements, some fans think that the NRA might find that Jenelle is the right fit. On second thought, maybe that would not work well either. The NRA vows that it is pro responsible gun ownership. That Jenelle is prone to fits of anger is probably a worse kept secret than before Anderson Cooper came out and publicly stated that he is gay. Fans know.

MTV viewers angry Jenelle joined gun group

Jenelle’s Facebook followers, who monitored the thread of comments accompanying her announcement and the video, appeared unhappy with her decision to join the gun association.

There were a great number of emojis denoting anger, the Hollywood Gossip reported.

Fans still recall the appearance of insensitivity that Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, evoked when he posted a photo of her on social media only hours after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, FL. In all, after the violent incident, 17 people were dead.

Instead of apologizing and simply stating that they were unaware of what had happened hours earlier, David fired rude comments back at fans. Not one to apologize, Jenelle's response was only slightly better than the one her husband offered. At least she did acknowledge that posting the photo was not intentional or indifferent to the tragedy at the Florida high school.

She stated that the timing was bad.

MTV executives reviewed the situation with Jenelle’s husband, which he only compounded by returning to social media to hurl a homophobic rant at the Twittersphere. Since then, he has promoted guns using the words embedded in a quote by George Washington on his account, while his wife joined the NRA. Some fans think they know where this is headed, and it is not in a good direction.

MTV reached the right decision in firing Jenelle’s husband

Fans did not dole Kleenex when MTV executives reached the only logical and appropriate conclusion. David Easton had to go. His approach to social media, his irresponsible postings to fans, and his continued presence on MTV posed a liability to the network's branded "Teen Mom" franchise.

As some fans are just now finding out that MTV is set to resume taping with Jenelle next week, they are now hit with news that she has joined the NRA to “protect” her family. Protect her family from whom? Many fans want to know.

Details of Jenelle’s agreement with MTV, which allows the network to tape her for upcoming “Teen Mom 2 episodes,” are still sketchy. Their agreement, whatever it entails, is still on shaky ground. Some fans continue to question not only her timing but also whether she will be an asset or a distraction when taping continues.

What do you think of Jenelle’s continuing role on MTV’s “Teen Mom 2"? Did MTV make the right choice in keeping her in the cast of moms?

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