Have you ever binge watched television to the point that you felt guilty about doing it? If so, you will like what Netflix is offering. The streaming company has the ideal job for people who love Watching Movies, and they won't feel guilty about it. That's because it is a job for people who have a passion for watching good Movies and other shows. If someone has the skills to not only watch but also to rate, tag, annotate, and write a review of the film for its catalog, then Netflix has the ideal job offer.

Editorial analyst

Netflix has an editorial analyst position for people who love sitting in front of the television and letting the streaming company know how to categorize movies into the appropriate genre.

People who watch Netflix might already fit the qualifications for this job. Those who are hired must be passionate about movies of all types and have knowledge of the movie industry.

The editorial analyst position is posted on the company's website. One qualification that stands out is that the people who are selected are those who must be able to meet deadlines. After watching Netflix, people must submit their report in a timely manner. Netflix has not stated what the pay will be for the position.

Only in Los Angeles

One qualification that will eliminate people from applying for this position is that they must live and work in Los Angeles, California.

It is unfortunate that it is not nationwide because a lot of people are ready to lie on the couch all day long and into the night to binge watch and get paid for it. Perhaps Netflix will eventually offer the position to people in other states because many people are ready to jump on that opportunity.

About Netflix

The entertainment company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California.

To date, the company in the United States has 54.75 million subscribers and 117.58 million paying subscribers worldwide. The people who will be considered for the editorial analyst position are more than likely already subscribers.

Those who are hired will probably not get bored watching the shows and movies since Netflix has a variety of genres.

There are all types of action movies, as well as dramas, mysteries, romance, science fiction, comedies, horror, thrillers, gay and lesbians movies, faith and spirituality films, musicals, documentaries, and sports. Netflix is not just for adults because there are family movies and films for children.

Those living in Los Angeles who are passionate about watching movies are encouraged to apply for Netflix's editorial analyst position.