Don't call him a step daddy! It's no secret that Waka Flocka isn't the biological father of Tammy Rivera's daughter Charlie. That doesn't mean he loves her any less, though. When Waka married Tammy, he embraced fatherhood and took on raising her daughter as his own. Just recently, the "No Hands" rapper did something to ensure that his love for Charlie is forever and Tammy is clearly touched by his latest gesture.

Tammy shows off Waka's new tattoo

"When he love your child more than he Love’s you," Tammy captioned a photo of Waka's new tattoo. "That’s when you know it’s real!

stepfather would be an insult."

The tattoo is a large portrait of Tammy Rivera's daughter, Charlie In Tammy's Instagram post, she showed off a side by side photo of her daughter and the image that was tattooed on Waka. This is a big deal for a few reasons but the biggest being Waka Flocka's dedication to his family.

It's been a bumpy ride for Tammy and Waka over the last few years. We saw their relationship in crisis on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" after some rumors about Waka's lack of faithfulness threatened to end everything. Ultimately, Waka proved that he was willing to step up and change his ways in order to save his family. Through it all though, he maintained a relationship with Charlie and continued to be there for her even when the future of his marriage looked bleak.

The other reason Waka's huge tattoo of Charlie's face is a big deal has to do with real estate. The rapper is so covered with tattoos, it's surprising that he had room to place it.It's even more surprising that Waka had room on his arm for the tribute.

Waka also showed off the new tattoo

Waka Flocka's new tattoo depicting Charlie's face was done at Myrrhe Esmeralda's private studio in The Netherlands according to Refinery 29.

After getting his new ink, Waka posted a photo of the Charlie tattoo to his Instagram stories and called it his "favorite tattoo now." The picture itself was a selfie that Tammy Rivera's daughter had taken the day before the tattoo was done.

Naturally, Charlie also was excited about the tattoo. Tammy's daughter also posted the photo of Waka's new ink, clearly proud to be commemorated on his arm.The 7th grader is clearly excited about being the focus of Waka's latest tattoo.

Waka and Charlie's bond is special and proves that you don't have to be blood-related in order to be family. No wonder Tammy Rivera has been bragging about Waka Flocka's new tattoo. Everyone shows their love for family in different ways but Waka's ink is forever.