Tammy Rivera is a triple threat. Waka Flocka's wife is a reality TV star and a respected swimsuit designer and now, she's also a singer with a whole lot of stage presence. Last season on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," Tammy told Waka that she wanted to get in the studio and make some music. Well, she made good on that and it's safe to say that she's good at it too.

Late 2017, Tammy released two songs for her singing debut after teasing fans for months about working on music. "All These Kisses" was the main track. It quickly jumped up the R&B charts on iTunes and earned plenty of praise.

"Only One" was released the following month, further proving that this "LHHATL" star really can sing.

Tammy has worked really hard on her music and even recently made a comment that she wants to earn success in the music business. Well, it's pretty clear that she's earning it and she's succeeding.

Tammy and Waka perform together

Back in July, Tammy Rivera told VH1 in an interview that her dream tour would include Sade, Brandy or Beyonce. While she has not announced any plans to tour yet, Tammy did get to perform with her husband, Waka Flocka, for the first time ever earlier this month.

On February 10, Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka took the stage together for the first time in Atlanta, Georgia. They were in town for the Bonner Bros.

International Beauty Show and their time together on stage was a total hit. The pair looked very comfortable on stage together as they danced along with the music. Waka Flocka was obviously very into the performance, making it even more fun to watch.

What's next for Tammy Rivera?

RIght now, Tammy Rivera has a lot on her plate but there's always room for more, right?

"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" returns on March 18 with the debut of Season 7. While the latest promo for the VH1 hit doesn't show Tammy or Waka, they are sure to make appearances throughout the season and we can't wait.

With four seasons under her belt and three of them as a main cast member, "LHHATL" fans have come to love Tammy Rivera and want to see more of her on the small screen.

Most of what we have seen on the show from Tammy and Waka has centered around his infidelity in recent seasons but as Tammy has made clear, love definitely won.

Both Tammy and Waka fought hard to get where they're at now and their relationship is better than ever. Waka even said in an interview with the Domenick Nati Show recently that he and Tammy are doing great and that they even purchased a huge new home together. Hopefully, we'll get to see it in the upcoming episodes once Season 8 of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" premieres next month.

Although Tammy Rivera will only be making guest appearances on the upcoming season of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta," her fans won't be disappointed. Tammy and Waka are developing their own show entitled "Meet The Flockas."

Considering that the VH1 reality series is a platform for many artists to debut their music and build their following, fans should expect to hear more from Tammy about her music. She did so well with her first releases that it's almost certain Tammy Rivera will be working on more new music soon.