Kody Brown, “Sister Wives” family patriarch, no longer wants to share intimacy with first wife Meri Brown, according to People and In Touch Weekly. Fans are in the dark whether the couple remains together or if they have split.

The news that Kody no longer desires to be with Meri intimately caught many off-guard. Other fans sensed something was amiss in the relationship from the time viewers learned about the catfish drama that ensnared Meri in 2015.

Not only had many fans believed that the couple weathered Meri having been “catfished,” as People put it, but fans also thought the duo was resolved with their decision to divorce in 2015, as well.

Viewers, after all, did realize that Kody and Meri likely have some residual problems from the two events. Kody and Meri have been filmed through therapy sessions, which many thought could help the two iron out problems.

Fans find Kody’s public proclamation drastic

To make it public that he no longer wants to be intimate with Meri is drastic. Some fans believe that going public with his feelings toward her could spell catastrophe and the end of their relationship altogether.

In 2014, Kody and Meri legally divorced to free him from constraints against marrying his fourth wife Robyn. The goal was to enable Robyn’s children, from her first marriage, to have to same insurance benefits as Kody’s biologic children.

The next year, Meri was devastated, telling her sister wives, along with Kody, that she had been catfished online. Meri fell for the person she was led to believe was a man. Her emotions were in upheaval following the traumatic effects of learning that she had been duped by a woman.

Kody spoke with Andrea Canning, of NBC, about his feelings toward Meri.

He stated that he does not want to have an intimate relationship with Meri. The problem, however, is that Meri is on a different page than Kody in terms of their relationship.

Viewers aren’t sure what to make of the bombshell polygamist dad dropped

Fans are uncertain whether Meri’s hopes are realistic or whether she is clinging to the relationship now that she is an empty-nest parent and her daughter, Mariah, is living away from home and making establishing her life.

While fans want the best for the couple, it was also heartbreaking for people to witness Meri tell Kody in a TLC episode where he didn’t want to end the family relationship, but only wanted to get out of the relationship with her.

In March, Robyn posted on Twitter about Meri’s absence when Maddie Brown gave birth to the wives first grandson, Axel. A fan responded with a tweet that indicated what many fans believe. Robyn wanted to marry Kody and needed Meri out of the way.

Meri took the high road and responded by stating that her relationships with the adults in the Brown Family are “important” to her.

Fans will likely see how the effects of the divorce and the catfishing drama turn out by watching upcoming episodes of “Sister Wives” on TLC.