Try typing “romantic comedy KDramas” into Google and it will provide a plethora of suggestions that can quickly become overwhelming. South Korean television shows (a.k.a. Kdramas) have been a popular form of entertainment throughout the world for several decades and is currently finding an audience among western nations. Additionally, some American shows are remakes of Kdramas, such as ABC's "The Good Doctor."

Kdramas for the new fan

Unlike American shows, Kdramas follow a limited series format. While some weekend dramas tend to run longer, most shows run for about six to 10 weeks while releasing two episodes a week instead of one like American shows.

This makes it easy for a new fan to catch up on all the popular shows.

If you want to get in on the action, here are five cute and funny romantic comedies that are great for the new Kdrama fan.

Kdrama 1: "Coffee Prince"

By working multiple part-time jobs a young woman has taken over providing for her family after her father died. Due to her looks, many people often mistake her for a man. This allows her to get a steady job at a coffee shop that only hires good-looking young men. While it’s great for her and her family, it causes romantic confusion when her boss starts to fall in love with her.

Not only is this Kdrama full of comedic wit, it’s also a great introduction to Korean culture.

Kdrama 2: "Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon"

If you are looking for some hilarious action alongside a love triangle, "Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon" is a perfect option.

With help from her boss An Min-Hyuk, Do Bong-Soon tries to keep her superhuman strength a secret from her childhood crush In Kook-Doo. Inevitably, sparks fly between all three of them as they fight crime and find love in this Kdrama.

Kdrama 3: "Oh My Ghost"

Na Bong-Sun dreams of being a chef like her boss and secret crush Kang Sun-Woo.

However, she has trouble succeeding at work because she can see ghosts who also love to torment her. One day a ghost, who can’t leave this earth until she settles her grudge of dying a virgin, possesses Na Bon-Sun and goes after her unknowing boss.

"Oh My Ghost" (also known as "Oh My Ghostess") is a cute and addictive binge watching Kdrama.

Though the plot seems simple on the surface, its clever twists and turns leave viewers on the edge of their seats!

Kdrama 4: "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo"

Kim Bok-Joo is a typical female weightlifter working towards an Olympic gold medal when she suddenly finds love in the most unexpected places.

"Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo" is a brilliant and endearing show about young love and finding the strength to follow through on what you are passionate about. The chemistry between the two leads will melt the heart of everyone watching.

Kdrama 5: "Fight My Way"

Ko Dong-Man grew up dreaming of being a taekwondo fighter while Choi Ae-Ra wanted to become an announcer. As adults, neither of their dreams came true.

Then one day Ko Dong-Man decides to quit his job and pursue his dream despite the obstacles. He encourages Choi Ae-Ra to do the same.

"Fight My Way" is full of laughter from start to finish as the two leads and their friends try to figure out how to “adult” and follow their dreams, while also finding love along the way.

Honorable mention

Without a doubt, "I’m Not a Robot" is a must-see. It follows a wealthy man who is deathly allergic to humans. One day he agrees to test out a new humanoid robot. Unbeknownst to him, however, the robot is actually a human in disguise.

Witty and unbelievably cute, this Kdrama will leave viewers believing true love can overcome every obstacle. With endearing characters and the leading actors' phenomenal chemistry, this show will draw you in until the very end.

The gift that keeps on giving

While there are so many more precious and fantastic shows that could be included on this list, these rom-com Kdramas are great for someone who is looking for something unique and lighthearted while also discovering what all the fuss is about. There is always something for everyone, and part of the fun is discovering what shows are out there.

Welcome to Dramaland! We hope you enjoy your stay in the world of Kdramas!