Ray J and Princess Love have definitely dealt with their fair of ups and downs while fans watched them over the last few years. Now, the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" couple is waiting for their baby to arrive and we can't wait either. As Princess Love's due date gets closer, "LHHH" fans are keeping an eye on the reality star's social media for any news we can find about her pregnancy. What it did bring us was a whole lot of laughs.

Even though Princess Love has kept much of her pregnancy to herself, she's shared bits and pieces with fans on social media.

One of the most recent shares was a joint YouTube channel run by the "LHHH" couple. While it only has one video on it so far, it's definitely a video worth watching.

'Princess's Low Placenta'

Apparently, Princess Love recently visited her doctor and was told that her placenta is low. That can mean a few things during a pregnancy and definitely will be monitored. As many women can tell you, any news from the OB that doesn't sound perfect and pleasant can send you into a tailspin of worry.

Princess admitted that she was worried about her recent baby news too. That's when Ray J decided to cheer her up by making up a new song about her low placenta and performing it on camera. He probably didn't know that the whole thing would be uploaded to their YouTube channel for "Love & Hip Hop" fans to see and enjoy.

So far, nearly 5,000 fans have viewed Ray J and Princess Love's first video. That's not too bad considering that the video is only a day old and the couple has only done a tiny bit of promotion. Hopefully, as Princess' pregnancy progresses, we'll get more home videos from the happy couple.

Third trimester, baby!

On Saturday, Princess Love shared a new photo and announced that she's now hit the 28-week mark.

That puts the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" star in her third trimester. With only 12 weeks of pregnancy to go, baby Norwood is going to be here very soon. Based on the clues Princess has left behind on Instagram, expect to hear some baby news in mid-late May.

Over the last few months, Princess has shown off her baby bump a few times but only sparingly.

It wasn't until February that she really showed it all off. Prior to that, she said that her baby belly just looked like she spent the last 6 months bloated. We totally feel you on that!

So far, there has been no mention of whether Princess Love and Ray J are expecting a girl or boy. They've managed to keep that info under wraps but I'm dying to know. Do you think the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" couple is team pink or team blue?