Fans can agree that Marvel Comics has been on a roll in 2018 so far! With the huge box office premiere of "Black Panther" in February of 2018, fans were more than anxious to see what was coming next from the comic book producers. Well, today has been everyone's lucky day, and, in the words of Luke Cage himself, Sweet Christmas! It has been confirmed today that "Luke Cage" is coming back for season two this summer! Can this year get any better for television and film for Marvel fans?

We miss you, Luke Cage

Last year, fans witnessed an amazing series from Marvel Studios titled "Luke Cage" and starring actor Mike Colter, originally from Columbia, South Carolina.

With amazing ratings and positive reviews, this new series became a favorite for millions of viewers very fast. The African-American-based comic series features a man by the name of Luke Cage, the first black superhero in a comic book series, who intends to save his city of Harlem, New York from evil residents taking part in distributing drugs and other criminal activities throughout the city. Even though Cage defeated his arch enemy, he will soon have to deal with a whole new enemy in his neighborhood yet again.

From the looks of the season premiere videos and photographs so far, it looks like Cage is still doing well since his victory over arch enemy "Cottonmouth." He still has his extreme strength advantage, bulletproof skin, and he seems to continue to strive to protect the streets of Harlem, New York on his own.

He has even rebuilt the old barbershop his good friend was killed in during season one. But, it also looks like he has acquired some help in terms of accomplishing his endeavors, and in terms of maintaining a peaceful neighborhood. He gets a little help from his friends toward this end, including Misty Knight.

Set your calendars for June 2018

According to the "Luke Cage" Twitter page, the second season premiere is set for the lovely Friday evening of June 22, 2018. This season will feature thirteen new episodes for all fans to enjoy weekly throughout this upcoming summer season. Of course, "Luke Cage," the crossover series for "The Defenders," "Jessica Jones," "Daredevil" and "Iron Fist" will be available through the streaming site Netflix, as was the case with the first season that premiered in September of 2017. That gives everyone three whole months to make sure your Netflix subscriptions are up to date before the big day.