"Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" Season 4 filming is in full swing and it looks like Moniece Slaughter is already trying to fight. Apparently, during a recent filming situation, Moniece and Masika Kalysha decided to team up against a newcomer to the "LHHH" crew. King Ikey was filming with the group and reportedly will be shown a few times throughout the season. King Ikey is a friend of Fetty Wap, which won't play out well with Masika. Anyway, rumor has it that Moniece and Masika team up to take on King Ikey in a fight.

Moniece Slaughter and Masika Kalysha go off on Twitter

After the incident during filming, fans of the show were tipped off when both Moniece Slaughter and Masika Kalysha started talking about it on social media. Masika started the Twitter commotion, posted a sub-tweet about master plans and trying to get famous, obviously insinuating that the music producer decided to make appearances on "LHHH" to make a name for himself. She also talked about her crown and how he was trying to take it from her, which may have been a play on his name.

Moniece tweeted about how she always defends herself, even when it's a man threatening her and talked about how lucky King Ikey was that she didn't go all the way off.

She made sure to note that she fights men and also women, whoever threatens her. Fans of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" are fully aware of Moniece Slaughter's willingness to come to blows. She usually keeps herself right in the middle of whatever drama is hot during the season and since she's now teamed up with Masika for Season 4, there should be plenty of drama coming their way.

King Ikey doesn't back down, gets a hand from Alexis Skyy

Soon after Moniece Slaughter and Masika Kalysha dropped their messages on Twitter after the altercation with King Ikey, he said what he had to say on social media too. The music producer went off on Masika and told her that she should be glad he didn't go further during their fight.

It sounds like he might have some dirt on Fetty Wap's baby mama.

Alexis Skyy, who also recently filmed with "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood," responded to King Ikey's tweet, letting him know that she would be there soon. Apparently, Masika missed that message because just a few days after she and Moniece fought with King Ikey, they were filming for "LHHH" again and Alexis Skyy pulled up, causing yet another round of drama.

It looks like Mona Scott-Young and the rest of the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" producers are going all out to make Season 4 way more interesting. Will you be tuning in to see all the action when "LHHH" returns in a few months?