Congratulations are in order for Kenya Moore and Marc Daly. The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" Season 10 reunion show was taped on Thursday evening and spoilers are already being shared. One of the biggest shockers following the season is news that Kenya's dream is finally coming true. Whether you love or hate the controversial "RHOA" star, hearing that she's finally getting her wish to become a mother is great.

Will this save Kenya's spot on 'RHOA?'

The Kenya Moore pregnancy news came from Love B. Scott, who seems to have a lot of "RHOA" reunion show spoilers.

According to the report, there is evidence that "RHOA" proucers are upset with Kenya based on the seating arrangement for the Season 10 reunion show showdown.

Typically, the person who sits in the last seat, fathest from Andy Cohen, is one of the least important members of the cast. While part-timers Marlo Hampton and Eva Marcille filled that seat one the right side of the stage. That's understandable since they weren't full-time peach holders. However, Kenya Moore was seated all the way on the end on the left side. Cynthia was in the middle and Porsha Williams had the seat closest to Andy. Does this indicate a shift in roles for the ladies of Atlanta?

Some think that Kenya's position on the reunion show stage is more proof that Bravo is ready to dump Kenya Moore and move on after what she pulled with her secret marriage.

She made matters worse when Marc Daly refused to film the show. However, Kenya has been trying to get pregnant for so long now, some think that her surprise baby announcement during the reunion might be neough to save her.

Trying to keep the announcement quiet

As Kenya Moore pregnancy news spreads, the "RHOA" star herself has posted on Instagram.

Rather than confirming her pregnancy news, Kenya instead posted an inspirational message.

On a photo of herself, Kenya captioned, "Never Give Up. Not an announcement just encouragement."

Is that proof that Kenya Moore is pregnant? Or is she just feeding off all the headlines that are sure to start circulating regarding the "RHOA" reunion surprise?

Despite Kenya's pregnancy news, she still managed to have some pretty big drama according to the "RHOA" reunion spoilers. Kenya and Marlo reportedly sparred after Marlo accused Kenya of faking her marriage. Considering how that was a theme throughout Season 10, it's weird that the fake marriage claims even bother Kenya anymore.

Do you think this is enough to save Kenya Moore's peach? Or will we be getting all the Baby Twirl updates from social media instead? Either way, congrats again to Kenya for finally realizing her dream.