Cartoon Network has been and continues to be one of the biggest names in animated television history. Being a big part of all of our childhoods, and for the most part, defining it with its ever-growing arsenal of top-notch animated entertainment television as a whole, Cartoon Network is nothing less of a household name

Ranging from spine-chilling action to bone tickling animated comedy, Cartoon Network has been around since the 1st of October, 1992, under the Turner Broadcasting system, Time Warner. Betty Cohen, the founder of Cartoon Network, often referred to as “CN”, has made the channel available to a little less than one hundred million cable television subscribers ever since its conceiving, and that is just in the United States of America.

Any kid that has spent their life watching shows on Cartoon Network, growing up on them, has always had a “cartoon hangover”, in a manner of speaking.

Oh, Mama! It’s about to get Schwifty in here!

To commemorate their headliner at the festival, Run The Jewels dropped a spanking new music video for their track “Oh Mama”. The music video, in all its majesty, features the wholesome goodness of Rick and Morty. The video has Rick and Morty in a Men in Black-esque scenario, indulging in a heated showdown and bloodbath with several Gromflomites and a boss. The music track compliments the music video incredibly well and is absolutely spectacular and vibrant. We’ll leave a link below for you to immerse in it and check it out yourselves.

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A festival to celebrate it all

In a grand turn of events ever since their dawning on television worldwide, Adult Swim has grown to be one of the leading and most sought after, the first of its kind, consortium of adult cartoons. To mark their stay and to give something solid back to their viewers and the collective fandom, Adult Swim has decided to celebrate their brand’s success with their very first festival.

Happening this year on the 6th and 7th of October, the very first Adult Swim Festival is set to happen in Downtown Los Angeles at The Row. The official website for the festival is a one-stop portal for ticketing and general FAQ’s, along with a mere glimpse of what one might expect at this grandiose celebration. The festival will feature Live Music Acts, Comedic performances, Exclusive show previews, Games, Merch, and more. Highlighting the festival with the main act are the infamous Hip-Hop duo, Run The Jewels, aKa RTJ.