Kenya Moore has often been criticized on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" for the way she has treated her co-stars. It's no secret that Kenya is a confident woman, who is proud of her past work as a producer in the film industry. And she doesn't care what people say about her, including comments about her dating life and her work history. But while filming "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Moore decided to launch her own hair care line and she appropriately named it, Kenya Moore Haircare.

While her launch party on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" was a complete flop because she didn't have the product ready for the party, she has proven herself since then.

Once the product was indeed ready, the product has been a hit with everyone who has used it. So when Kenya revealed that she would be selling the product with Sally Beauty recently, fans quickly tried to get their hands on it. And this weekend, Moore was in D.C. to sell some product to her fans.

Kenya Moore proves she's a business woman

As it turns out, Kenya Moore's product was quite the hit this weekend when she went to D.C. and she shared the success on Instagram.

"#SOLDOUT in 30 minutes! Thank you #DC," Kenya revealed on the social network, sharing that there was a big demand for her products.

"The line was around the block. I'm so grateful to all of the amazing fans and supporters who purchased their #kenyamoorehaircare.

I hope I answered all of your questions and will we get your coupons out to you to order online or when #sallybeauty is restocked," she continued.

While some of her "Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-stars may have questioned her business drive, she just proved that she has what it takes to not only create a great product but also how to get it to fans in need.

Does Kenya Moore have Phaedra Parks to thank?

While filming "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Kenya has had a continuous competition with Phaedra. While Kenya Moore kept fighting to clear her name, Phaedra Parks kept trying to make her look bad. They both have workout videos and they kept trying to prove that their respective videos were better and selling more copies.

Just a few weeks after Phaedra Parks was caught lying about her co-stars, Kenya sees some amazing sales numbers at an event. One has to wonder if Phaedra's lying and her getting caught has anything to do with Kenya's amazing sales. Maybe people who were once fans of Parks are now switching sides.

What do you think of Kenya Moore's sales this weekend? Are you surprised she was able to sell out?