While last week's episode put the spotlight on Vivek, this week has a storyline that focused on the twins. Chloe and Halle talked to EW and said that we'd be taking a peek into the world of Jaz and Sky to see how dating would be for young black women. On top of that, Zoey and Luca are in each other's orbit this week. What'll happen with these two? Let's see:

The twins give a lesson in dating while Luca and Zoey play hooky

We start with a narration from Zoey about how open this generation is when it comes to dating. There are gay and interracial couples, but there are other groups that don't get much attention.

Asian men for example, but especially black women. The twins (along with two other black friends) stand on the sidelines at the club while being passed by. Jaz and Sky voice their irritation to the group while mentioning that they haven't dated anyone in the six months they've been here! Nomi suggests that the girls date outside of their race, and they tell them that they shouldn't have to change their preferences.

Aaron agrees that he's team black women...until Luca points out that he likes them light. Aaron then realizes that he's "color struck." The twins spend the night educating Nomi, Ana, Vivek, and Aaron about the types of women celebrity men like to date, while proving their point that black women are rarely seen in relationships with celebrities.

To drive the point home? A black guy walks up to the table...to talk to Ana (he wants to "Telemundo and chill" which is hopefully corny enough for Ana to decline). Point proved!

In the meantime, Zoey's decided that she's done with worrying about guys, and is all about her work. She and Luca work together on a project, and she tells Luca that he's the only one who was in her corner during the whole Cash saga, and she appreciates him for it.

Luca tells Zoey that they should ditch work for "Black Panther," and while she's against it at first, she quickly gives into the suggestion.

Double standards, colorism, and inspiration

Afterward, the twins tell Ana how everyone wants girls who have black features but don't actually want black women.

Vivek throws in a Malcolm X quote about how black women are the least protected and disrespected, while the twins agree. Nomi asks if they've ever asked men why that is, but they tell her that the fact that they'd have to do something like that is crazy and would make it look like they're the problem.

In the meantime, a light-skinned girl catches Aaron's eye, and he acknowledges that he does, in fact, have a problem. Jaz tells the server that she wants a better drink, and Nomi asks if it could be their "attitude" that keeps guys away. The girls point out that no one returns drinks more than Nomi, but when she does it, it's just one girl acting up. If they do that, everyone attributes that quality to black girls as a whole.

Vivek says he likes dating black girls because of the "danger" they bring to the relationship, and he's immediately stripped of his "hero" status that he earned from quoting Malcolm X (and rightfully so). Aaron decides to talk to a darker-skinned girl with natural hair in order to get to know someone who isn't normally his type.

Zoey and Luca went out to see more than "Black Panther." They went to the zoo and skate park too. That's a lot of procrastination on their part!

When they return, Luca has scrapped their original and nearly completed project. He's been inspired and wants to do something more eccentric instead of safe. Zoey's annoyed, but the two get down to business.

The twins find romance, and maybe Zoey and Luca too

Aaron brings Shakura to the table and mentions that she was born in Cameroon (although she was raised in Denver). It's an awkward exchange, and he tells the group to take a picture of her to send to Luca to prove he's not a colorist. In the meantime, Sky is hitting it off with a white guy named Chad. Jaz gets mad at her, but Sky says she's tired of waiting around for someone to like her if she can click with someone else.

Jaz ends up finding the guy she saw earlier with a white girl and asks why all he dates are non-black girls.

He simply tells her it's because he can. Later, Jaz apologies to Sky for coming at her, and they make up. Sky tells her that she wants the same college experience that Ana and Nomi get, and she still doesn't know what she wants, but she knows she wants to get out there and have a life. They make up.

The next morning, the same guy from the club approaches Jaz and tells her that he's from Queens, and he decided to open up in college since it was a whole new world, but he doesn't want anyone to think he doesn't like black girls. Sky sees the sparks between these two and quickly excuses herself to get to class. The boy introduces himself as Doug, and Jaz is all smiles.

Their new project is complete, and Zoey notes how Luca always manages to help her see things in a way she doesn't normally.

There are some definite sparks here, so Zoey and Luca may get their chance after all.

In the end

Aaron vents to Vivek about his colorist ways, while Vivek sees a picture of Aaron's mom. He comes to the conclusion that Aaron's not a colorist, but he does have some mommy issues. Yikes. Tonight's episode was the most we had focused on our side characters, and they got some great development! The twins had an insecure-style episode of dating that was real and informative while Zoey and Luca are starting to find their way back to each other. We've got three episodes left before the season's over!

While people have been wondering whether or not Zoey's little brother Junior would be making an appearance on "grown-ish," Hollywood Life got in contact with the actor that plays him, Marcus Scribner, and asked him themselves. While he states that he's not making an appearance this season, you never know if he could pop up in season two. Here's hoping for some crazy college antics between the Johnson siblings! Catch next week's episode of "Grown-ish" on Wednesday at eight on Freeform.