Stan Lee was recently accused of sexual misconduct by his former in-house nurses, who said that the Marvel comic book creator groped, harassed, and assaulted them while they worked for him. Comic Book reported that an unnamed source said that Lee walked around his house naked, was vulgar toward his nurses, and even asked them for oral sex while in the shower.

Legal team says accusations are false

These allegations were denied by the 95-year-old legend. His attorney, Tom Lallas said in a statement that these were “false and defamatory” statements made by nurses who were scheming to shake Lee down for his money.

He also said that their refusal to identify themselves shows that they are trying to use the court of public opinion only to harm the creator’s reputation.

Lallas stated that Lee will “not be exorted or blackmailed,” adding that the comic book creator will not be paying anyone money, because he has done nothing wrong to these women. Lallas also sent a letter to the Concierge Nursing Care regarding the allegations, but so far, has not received any response. Company founder Elizabeth Weaver stated that she has not made any monetary demands in regards to the issue.

Conflicting pictures of Stan Lee

Lee was said to have parted ways with Concierge Nursing Care last year, but his new nursing company, Vitale Nursing Inc., said that Lee has been “polite, kind, and respectful” toward his nurses, adding that caring for him has been a “privilege.” Yet, a different source mentioned that Lee seems to have lost his way in his old age, adding that he no longer cares about the public’s opinion of him.

The accusation against Stan Lee is the latest in the string of allegations against high-profile men following the Harvey Weinstein scandal, many of whom had to face consequences for their actions. Kevin Spacey, for instance, was fired from his Netflix series, “House of Cards,” while comedian Louis C.K. had his movie pulled from its planned release.

There is no way of telling if the same will be done in light of the allegations against Lee, as the 95-year-old has been one of the most-loved figures in the entertainment industry. With Lee being the most public face of Marvel, this is not an issue that the company would want to deal with, considering that their next film, “Black Panther” is ready for launch.

That being said, this horrifying and shocking revelation, if proven true, will not be the last, especially in the light of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements against sexual misconduct in Hollywood.