Mike Colter graced the 2017 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo to talk about his television series, “Luke Cage Season 2. The story of the Power Man became a hit and a success for Netflix.

Colter’s first superhero series

To recall, before the 40-year-old star landed his own web series, he was first seen in the first season of “Jessica Jones.” In fact, the two shows have used the same crews and he filmed his new series just a little while after the Krysten Ritter-lead program.

Colter started filming the first season of “Luke Cage” only six weeks after “Jessica Jones” ended.

As the two series have the same staff, “The Good Wife” star felt like he was just going to the same set and the only difference was Ritter was not there. Although the two shows vary in terms of script and plot, it was like doing the same series.

The second season’s production

As he is now set to do “Luke Cage Season 2, Colter cleared the rumors that the show’s production already kicked off. He confirmed that they will, indeed start filming but that will begin a few months from now. As a matter of fact, the show will start shooting in June and is expected to be done in March 2018.

However, Netflix has yet to announce the official release of the show’s second season. In truth, the network just used the words “coming soon” in the television series’ renewal announcement video.

But, if it is going to continue filming at the same time the cameras for “Jessica Jones Season 2 are rolling, fans could expect it to be seen in 2018.

The evolution of a hero

Moreover, the show’s showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker, on the other hand, talked about his prediction for the upcoming new installment. He explained that they didn’t go into “Heroes for Hire” in the show’s first season as it was solely about the evolution of a hero.

He also added that the reality for Cage is that he is just a regular guy who happens to have superhuman strength and unbreakable skin.

The role of Colter presented his character as simple as he is. He is not pretentious, although he, too, can feel the responsibility to push himself to do things. “We’re not treating it as a one-off, and I’m confident people will dig the show,” Coker said.

He then teased that viewers should trust him concerning “Luke Cage Season 2. If truth be told, he even hinted that he has a number of new ideas for the show. However, he revealed that they won’t get ready for it yet unless Netflix sees enough of a demand for it from subscribers.