Lala Kent has been accused of wrecking the home of Randall Emmett and Ambyr Childers, but during a new interview, she has confirmed that is far from the case. While the "Vanderpump Rules" star has been labeled as all sorts of things on the show, she claims that her boyfriend's now-ex-wife was actually the first to move on from their marriage.

“I did not wreck anybody’s home," Lala Kent said during an appearance on The Daily Dish podcast. According to a transcript from Reality Blurb, Kent revealed that her boyfriend's ex-wife is currently engaged to another man and said the couple actually met one another months before she and Emmett began dating.

As some may have heard, Emmett and Childers weren't actually divorced until the end of last year. So, when it came to the rumors of Kent dating a married man, they were technically true. That said, there is absolutely no bad blood between herself and Childers, and they've been known to do things with the children together.

Is Lala Kent a future stepmom?

"We celebrate birthdays with the kids together," Kent explained of herself, Randall Emmett, and Ambyr Childers. She then said that she's always resented the "home wrecker" label because she believes in the institution of marriage.

In addition to throwing joint celebrations for Ambyr Childers and Randall Emmett's daughters, including London and Rylee, Kent has been seen spending time with the girls and Emmett and Disneyland.

She's also joked on Instagram that her life has changed substantially due to the fact that her boyfriend is a dad.

Lala Kent's boyfriend is not featured on 'Vanderpump Rules' in any capacity

Kent and Emmett have been dating one another for over two years, but for the entirety of their relationship, Emmett has made a point to stay off-screen as he tends to his booming career as a movie producer.

Still, when it comes to their romance, Emmett has been discussed on many occasions on the Bravo TV reality show. Most recently, it was James Kennedy who took aim at Kent and Emmett's romance, claiming that if he was the one with all the money, Kent would be dating him -- not Emmett. After the new season began airing, Kent confirmed that she had completely cut Kennedy out of her life due to his horrible statements about her boyfriend and their relationship.

Lala Kent and her co-stars can be seen on new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" season six on Monday nights on Bravo TV at 9 p.m.