scheana marie and Robby Hayes may have recently been seen flirting with one another in the comments section of their Instagram photos but according to the alleged couple, they are nothing more than good friends who have maintained a relationship with one another for the past year. During an interview with Us Weekly magazine on March 5, the "Vanderpump Rules" star told the outlet that she and Hayes are "amazing friends" and whenever she's in Los Angeles, the "Bachelor in Paradise" cast member is one of the first people she calls.

“We get each other," Scheana explained, adding that because they are both reality stars, they find it easy to relate to one another.

As she revealed, Robby Hayes lives on the west side of Los Angeles and soon, after her current gig in Las Vegas comes to an end, she will be moving close by.

As for her current relationship status, Scheana told the magazine that she is very single and living in Las Vegas, where she's working full-time at Sin City's iconic Paris Hotel on a show called "Sex Tips for a Straight Women from a Gay Man.” As she explained, she's really focused on her career right now and while she's open to dating, she doesn't have much time for a serious romance.

What is Robby Hayes saying about Scheana?

“[Scheana Marie] is amazing,” Hayes gushed on Monday, adding that the longtime reality star is his best friend. Hayes then said that Scheana was drop dead gorgeous and said he appreciated her fun, loyal, and dependable demeanor.

According to Robby Hayes, he and Scheana have been spending a lot of time with one another recently and have even taken a few trips with one another, despite their busy schedules. As for a potential romance, Hayes appeared to suggest that he is very much on board with the idea of getting together with Scheana sometime in the future.

Scheana Marie sparked rumors on Instagram earlier this month

Last week, as her relationship with Robert Parks-Valletta, continued to play out on "Vanderpump Rules" season six, Scheana took to her Instagram page and shared a cute photo of herself and her fellow reality star. She even added a heart-emoji and right away, fans wondered if they were dating.

Around the same time, she commented that Hayes was "handsome" on one of his own photos.

To see more of Scheana Marie and her co-stars, including her now-ex-boyfriend Parks-Valletta, don't miss the all-new episodes of the sixth season of "Vanderpump Rules" on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.