Kailyn Lowry is a baby making machine with no plans to stop at three children. The 'Teen Mom 2' star reveals that she is already thinking about becoming pregnant with baby number four and it could happen sooner than we think. According to In Touch reports Kailyn Lowry has babies on the brain. Despite having three children with three different daddies, she has no plans on letting that stop her from having the large family she desires.

Sperm donors and frozen eggs in Kailyn Lowry's future

In fact, Kailyn Lowry is so into the idea she has even spoken out publicly about the details of her family plans.

Lowry told new "Teen Mom OG" cast member Mackenzie McKee how people are reacting to her plans. Lowry claims when she tells people she is thinking about another baby they tell her she "is crazy." However, she claims she feels as if she wants more children that she would check out an online sperm donor this time around because right now she wants to date women.

Big family big money

Kailyn Lowry explains her reasoning for wanting more kids so soon. She feels that since all her sons are close to four years apart that they will never share as close a bond as they would being born closer together. It is estimated that at this time Kailyn is pulling in over $300,000 per season on "Teen Mom 2," and this doesn't count the revenue from her other business venture including her books, clothing, and home decor ventures.

But...it needs to be said, again. Nothing lasts forever, and her reality television gig could implode at any given moment. Look at Farrah Abraham, and potentially Jenelle Evans. Having so many children to raise if the MTV reality television gravy train derails could cause a major financial burden on a young, single mom.

Lowry does have a college degree to fall back on, and hopefully, she has a hefty rainy day fund.

But kids are expensive to raise, and reality TV gigs just don't seem to last forever, unless you are a Kardashian then you are for sure golden. Some of Lowry's followers have gotten wind of her baby plans and most appear to believe that Kail needs just to slow down her overworked uterus and take some real time to think things out.

But as all "Teen Mom" fans well know, Kail is going to do exactly what Kail wants, when she wants and as far as she is concerned her followers can either deal with it or not. Besides it is attitude like this that makes for great "Teen Mom" reality drama, and that drama keeps the money coming...for now.

What are your thoughts about Kailyn Lowry thinking about baby number four already, do you agree she should go ahead with it or wait awhile?