"Dragon Ball Super's" final episode just aired and ended the series (for now) in the best and totally unexpected way possible.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from episode 131 of the "Dragon Ball Super," so do not continue reading if you haven't watched the episode yet.


The episode starts with Jiren mocking Frieza and Android 17 and telling them that their attempt at fighting against him is futile, their "Trust" will not save them from getting defeated. Frieza, being a big bad, tells him that Goku is just his insurance for winning the Super Dragon Balls.

Frieza tells Jiren that he can no longer sense the absolute power he once exhibited and that he 'll defeat him.

Jiren vs Android 17

The battle continues with Jiren landing his first punch on Android 17 and knocking him away. Frieza, currently in his Golden form, stops every attack from Jiren and mocks him by reminding him about his past. This enrages Jiren, and he reacts with a counter attack, but Frieza and Android 17 work together with a close ranged Ki blast from Android 17, within his protection barrier, on Jiren forces him to fall on his knees.

Belmod and the rest of Universe 11 think that they've lost the Tournament as Frieza approaches Jiren with a charged Ki attack, but Toppo encourages Jiren to get up and fight with all his power until the end.

Jiren gets up and attacks Android 17 and Frieza as they struggle to keep the protection barrier up, but Goku steps in and breaks his attack.

Goku then tells Android 17 to act as a backup as he and Frieza continue to attack Jiren. Frieza asks Goku if he is going to keep his promise and resurrect him after the Tournament is over, Goku assures him and tells him as long as he keeps his promise, he'll not back out from his promise.

Frieza and Goku rush towards Jiren and continue attacking him in sync. Android 17 then surprise attacks Jiren with a Ki blast attack. Both, Goku and Frieza, land a powerful blow on Jiren from opposite direction and Frieza tells Goku to throw him towards Jiren. Frieza grabs Jiren and makes him fall with him in the void and, to assure that Jiren falls into the void, Goku rushes towards Jiren and both of them together eliminate Jiren.

Goku, Frieza, and Jiren appear on the stand, and Grand Priest announces the erasure of Universe 11. Goku tells Jiren that he wants to see him again as Universe 11 gets erased.

Grand Priest summons Super Shenron and asks Android 17 about his wish. Android 17 asks for the restoration of all the Universes, and his wish is granted (The language of the Gods seems gibberish, but it is just normal language in backward).

All the erased universes are restored, and Jiren says that although Goku wanted to see him again, he is not able to form connections with anyone.

Because he has been living his life bound by his past, but Toppo reminds him that he stood up for his universe in the end and that might have been the first time he made a connection with someone else. Jiren then vows to fight Goku once again that he'll make sure that he'll be the winner next time.

Android 18 asks Android 17 if he is okay with his decision of restoring the universes, but Android 17 thanks Goku for it. Frieza is irritated by everyone enjoying and asks to be sent back to hell, but Whis tells him that he should be happy too and resurrects him back to life as a gift from Beerus.

Supreme Kai says he did not expect that Android 17 will wish for the restoration of all the Universes, but Grand Priest tells him that Zeno foresaw this outcome and, if any selfish wish was made, he would've erased everything.

Zeno asks Goku "What's next?," but Beerus stops Goku from saying anything. Goku promises Zeno that he'll come back to see them.

In the end, the narrator says that everyone has returned to their lives after the Tournament of Power. Frieza is back as being the emperor of his army, and Goku tells Vegeta that he cannot transform into his Ultra Instinct form at will, it was just the battles in the Tournament that pushed him to transform into his Ultra Instinct form.