Kailyn Lowry has responded to the latest "Teen Mom" rumors regarding her reunion with ex-Javi Marroquin. The reality television star took to social media Saturday, March 10 bluntly revealing "It is not happening."

Kailyn Lowry sets the record straight

According to reports Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin fans have always been hoping that the two would eventually get back together. Despite sharing a son together, and Javi's alleged undying feelings for Kailyn Lowry it looks as if "Teen Mom" fans can put away their hopes and dreams of a reunion and a happy-ever-after- life for Kail and Javi, for now anyhow.

Lowry and Lopez exchange words

Lowry, who finally appears to have had enough of the celebrity stories and fan questions regarding a reunion between herself and Javi took to Twitter to bluntly tell all her fans and anyone else concerned on the subject that it is a big fat no!

Kailyn Lowry posted Saturday evening, "Javi and i are not getting back together so whatever you’re reading is all bull sh*t." End of story there, you have it straight from the "Teen Mom's" social media. Here is what is going on between them. They share a child, they are attempting to remain on friendly terms for the sake of their child. Life is moving on.

Javi is not the only ex-Kail is clearing the air about or with. Radar Online reports that Lowery recently unloaded on ex and baby daddy Chris Lopez.

Once again Kailyn used the powers of social media to make her point.

Lowry was reportedly super unhappy, to put it mildly, that Lopex uploaded several photos of their son Lux on his Instagram account.

Lowry exploded posting to Lopez, “Don’t be an Instagram parent.” This sparked a series of social media exchanges between the former couple each calling out the other for doing the same things. Chris slammed Kailyn, calling her out for earning a living through her kids on TV and the social media.

“I might have to violate someone today,” he later wrote, adding a laughing emoji to end his tirade.

There is always some major drama unfolding across the social media when it comes to the "Teen Mom" cast. As previously reported another "Teen Mom" cast member who has been making news headlines, Jenelle Evans Eason, announced that she would be pulling her daughter with David Eason from the reality series following the completion of this season.

What are your thoughts on all the "Teen Mom" drama and Kailyn Lowry's comments on her non-relationship with Javi, and Chris Lopez's social media story? Is she out of line with either one?