Reality Steve has been sharing spoilers for "The Bachelor" all season long. He says that things go a bit crazy at the end, but from the start, he has said that at the end of the show you will see Arie Luyendyk Jr. get down on one knee and propose to Becca K. Hulu actually posted a video today that proved this is true. A lot of fans have been watching and didn't think this would happen so they are shocked to see the proof that it really does.

What did Hulu share?

Hulu posted a five-minute video that is all about tourism in Peru. It is a guide to "The Bachelor" and shares about their time there, but of course, is trying to get people to want to visit the area after seeing the ending and watching Arie propose.

Reality Steve was able to get the screenshots of the video that show Arie down on one knee and popping the question to Becca K. He is telling her how much he loves her, asking her to marry him and she is saying "yes." Some fans have doubted that this is how the story ends.

Right now, this five-minute video is still up on Hulu, but you know that the second they realize their mistake they will end up taking it down. Someone is probably going to be in a lot of trouble over posting this one before the finale airs on Monday night.

Remember this isn't the true ending

If you don't want huge spoilers, stop reading now. Remember that according to Reality Steve this is not the true ending of the show. Yes, Arie does propose to Becca K. and these still pictures above prove that really does happen, but after that things really do change up. It looks like Arie is going to get his happy ending, but not the way that it all plays out at first.

Steve has shared that Arie and Becca will end up splitting and he will end up getting back with Lauren B. They will reconnect and she does take him back. Steve is even pretty convinced that she already proposed to her. Fans will get to see it all on the upcoming episodes of the show. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, you will get to see the two-hour finale and then you also get to see "After the Final Rose." On Monday, it will be live for one hour and then on Tuesday, it will be live for another two hours.

This is going to be crazy to watch go down.

Are you shocked by the spoiler that Hulu posted about "The Bachelor"? Do you really believe that this isn't the true ending and there is more to come? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelor" next week on Monday and Tuesday on ABC.