Tonight on a new episode of "The Bachelor" it was the fantasy suite dates. Becca K. had her ex show up and try to win her back. He even went to talk to Arie Luyendyk Jr. before he took the time to go and tell Becca his thoughts. His name is Ross and he made it pretty clear that he really wants to marry her, but the thing was Becca wasn't having it. She sent him away and went on with her time with Arie. Tonight Arie told Becca he loved her, but he also told Lauren the same thing and kept them both around.

Are they together now?

At the end of the episode, Becca K was still on the show and she had sent her ex-boyfriend Ross home.

This had the fans who know how the show ends thinking that maybe Becca is back with her ex now. If you don't know spoilers, stop reading now. The spoilers according to Reality Steve are that Arie will propose to Becca, but then end up calling things off with her and then later getting back with Lauren again.

This means that Becca is single once again if all of the spoilers are right and that would leave her open to get back with Ross. Reality Steve shared on Twitter saying, "And for all those who want/wish/hope Becca takes Ross back, here you go in case you missed it." He was talking about a tweet that Becca posted today. She said, "I stand by my decision to not accept an unhealthy relationship back in my life.

I will never doubt or question that. #selflovemotherssssss." It sounds like things didn't go well during her seven-year relationship with Ross and even if she isn't going to be with Arie she doesn't want to be with him again. He did get his five minutes of fame on television and his Instagram followers are really going up as well, so even though he didn't get the girl a few things worked out for him.

Updates are coming

Hopefully, the fans are going to get a huge update this next week. On Monday night the viewers get to see the finale where Arie will propose and then there is an hour-long "After the Final Rose" after that episode. Then on Tuesday viewers get more of "After the Final Rose" to find out how everyone is doing now.

Becca should give an update and fans will see if Reality Steve got it all right this season. Becca made it very clear she isn't with Ross, though.

Are you shocked to hear that Becca K isn't back with her ex again? Do you feel like she might change her mind later on? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelor" on Monday nights on ABC with Arie Luyendyk Jr.