The death of Detective Nathan West hit Port Charles hard, but the show must go on. Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease there will be more changes coming soon in the "General Hospital" cast. New faces will be seen as well as two former characters returning. Fan-favorite Kimberly McCullough, who portrays Robin, will be around for a few more weeks, and Anthony Montgomery will reprise his role as Doctor Andre Maddox. Drew Fonterio, who was on the show briefly in 2013 as a messenger, will be back in action and there will be two new characters coming aboard.

One will be a doctor and the other is going to be a Hispanic police officer.

Familiar faces return to Port Charles

When Anthony Montgomery was taken to prison, fans believed he would return and now Anna has need of him. Ms. Devane is looking for answers and spoilers indicate that she will visit her friend to see if he can add pieces to the puzzle regarding Jason, his twin, and Faison. Celeb Dirty Laundry did not indicate how the messenger would fit in but he too probably has information that may be beneficial. This is most likely why he is coming back to Port Charles.

Spoilers indicate that Robin is staying in town a little longer and she will be a big help to both her mother and Jason.

Robin was one of the first to recognize that Patient 6 was the man they all knew and loved when she returned to Port Charles not long ago. Both Anna and Stone Cold may find comfort in confiding in her as well as benefitting from her wisdom.

New cast members a police officer and a doctor

Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers say that at least two new cast members are being added to "General Hospital." One will be a doctor, which brings up the question regarding the physicians who are already on staff.

Lucas Jones returned in time to try to save Nathan West, but he has not been seen since. His husband, Brad, a lab tech, has been off screen for quite a while now. There is also Dr. David Bench, who was helping Kiki and dating Alexis. He has also been MIA, but no word of his departure has been mentioned.

Spoilers indicate that a new police officer will be part of the PCPD and he will be Hispanic.

It's obvious he will be replacing Nathan, but it's not known if he will be partnered with Dante. Keep watching for additional updates on the comings and goings in Port Charles. As the nine-month arc related to Jason and Drew winds down there are sure to be plenty of surprises. Be sure not to miss an episode of "General Hospital," which airs weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM ET.