Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" are addressing an issue that many fans are already wondering about. Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that the growing bond between Peter and Luu could turn into something more. With Dante grieving over Nathan's demise and partially believing his wife is responsible he could become distant toward his spouse. Detective Falconeri may unwittingly send her into the arms of the man whose father murdered his best friend. Maxi is grieving and also blaming Lulu for writing the story that drew the madman to Port Charles.

Lulu and Peter are bonding

Lulu and Peter have been bonding for the past few weeks as they worked together on the story about Faison. He recently opened up and told his employee about his troubled childhood. Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that if the storyline goes in a certain direction, viewers should brace themselves to see these two end up in a relationship. Spoilers suggest that Dante could become distant as he deals with the untimely death of his best friend.

Spoiler alerts suggest that detective Falconeri may come to resent his wife because he advised her not to write the story that brought the madman back to Port Charles. There is also the issue of Maxie blaming her BFF for her husband's untimely death.

On Friday she told Lulu that she killed Nathan and took everything from her. If both her husband and her bestie turn away, then Lulu could easily throw herself into work, which would mean more time with Peter. Mr. August may turn out to be the only one who understands what she is going through.

The aftermath of Nathan's death

The death of Detective West has opened a floodgate of emotions in Port Charles as well as a number of secrets that now must be revealed. It will soon come to light that Peter August is Faison's other son, which made him Nathan's half-brother. It is also looking like Anna is his mother. Should all of this come to light, Lulu and Peter may end up with only each other as the rest of the town may be angry with them both.

Liesl also blames Lulu for her son's death and in time Nina may feel the same way. If Mrs. Falconeri cannot turn to her husband because of him grieving his fallen comrade and best friend, this could be the end of their marriage. It would be only natural that her admiration for Peter could turn to romance. Keep watching for additional updates on this storyline and be sure to stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC.