The Duggar family is in the news yet again, and this time it involves almost everyone’s favorite Duggar Family Member, and that would, of course, be Jinger. Jinger is in the news this week because she has just addressed all of the rumors surrounding the sex of her baby and it has unfortunately annoyed some fans online. This would not be the first time that Jinger’s pregnancy has made headlines. For instance, this Duggar pregnancy was all over the news when some people thought that she would be giving birth on the family’s TLC reality television series “Counting On.”

Why fans are annoyed at Jinger's recent update

Now, the reason some fans are annoyed at one of Jinger Duggar Vuolo's recent pregnancy updates was that she said that she doesn’t know her baby’s gender.

Many fans were angry at this because, in a recent Jinger pregnancy Instagram update, she wrote in blue chalk the word “baby.” This had made people think that she was having a baby boy as the color blue, in a traditional sense, has always been associated with a baby boy. For example, one Duggar fan commented, below the picture, saying “Baby was written in blue, but I really hope you guys have a baby girl! Tell us when you feel comfortable.” While another fan who was excited about the pregnancy wrote: “Everyone’s guessing it’s a girl, but I can’t help but notice the use of blue chalk.” Well, Jinger put this rumor to rest, when she was asked by US Weekly about knowing her baby’s gender, answering, “No … I don’t know the gender.” She then went onto elaborate about the blue chalk being just a coincidence saying, “I just happened to use blue chalk that day.” I have actually attached a link to this particular Instagram picture below so you can see just what all this fuss is about with your own eyes.

What's going on with the rest of the Duggar family?

In case you didn’t know, the Duggar family are very busy at the current moment and it is because “Counting On” has been releasing brand new dramatic episodes. These episodes are said to be so dramatic that they may even deal with what the aftermath was of Jill Duggar Dillard’s husband Derick Dillard's firing from the series was.

Derick Dillard was let go from the show after he made rather transphobic remarks online towards fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings. His comments were so offensive that TLC even had to release a statement saying that they, as a network, didn’t agree with his views in any way..