If you are a fan of movies and shows featuring the silliness of "That 70’s Show," but find action thrillers like James Bond films just to be a little too dry in the humor department, then Lionsgate has the movie for you. We finally have our first look at The Spy Who Dumped Me,” with the official release of their trailer, and I must admit, it looks rather promising. Mila Kunis and Kate Mckinnon aren’t typically a duo that one would imagine that, when put together, movie magic abounds forth from the big screen, but it seems that director Susanna Fogel just may have struck comedic gold.

So, what is tt about?

As far as I can tell from the two-minute trailer, best friends Audrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon) are living happily in Los Angeles, California, when Audrey’s ex-boyfriend shows up on her doorstep with a merry band of highly trained assassins in tow. We then see them instantly thrown into a whirlwind of espionage and intense spy activity, with the very opening scene depicting a message stating that yes, indeed women are killing it in 2018. That, along with a very Bond-like introduction showing a confident yet elegantly seductive woman strutting down the superimposed image of a silhouetted rifle muzzle, are the only signs that these women are to be taken seriously to any degree.

Right after, previews of the duo's shenanigans take center stage, complete with dead bodies and one-liners that do manage to raise the occasional chuckle.

As it turns out, Audrey’s former lover, who had recently broken up with the lead character, is also a former CIA agent, and there is now a legion of assassins hot on his tail.

For some reason not immediately known to us as of right now, they are also consequentially after his most recent ex-girlfriend as well. Hence the title of the movie, literally “The Spy Who Dumped Me,” and all of his complicated and deadly baggage that a break-up abroad comes with, right?

The cast and production team talk about their newest project

Director Susanna Fogel actually co-wrote the script for this film with fellow screenwriter David Iserson, while Ron Howard (known for such works as "The Da Vinci Code" and all of its sequels) and Brian Grazer produced the film. Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon actually first met on the set of the movie, with McKinnon saying that there was, quote “Instant love” when describing their on-screen chemistry during an interview with Ellen Degeneres on Ellen’s YouTube channel, Ellentube, this past Wednesday (March 21). Mila mentioned that she was extremely proud of herself each and every time that she managed to make her co-star laugh out loud, which is a significant feat considering Kate is a starlet and product of NBC’s "Saturday Night Live." The film also stars Sam Heughan, who plays a strikingly handsome and resourceful British spy.

They managed to bag the leading man only last summer, right before the actual production for the film began in Hungary.

This motion picture will be coming to theaters everywhere later this summer on August 3. Be sure to catch this hilarious film, which should prove to be more than a comedic chick-flick. I challenge anyone who goes to see this film to see how long you can hold out before inevitably laughing into your $15 tub of popcorn.