In case you were not aware, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth recently welcomed their baby Gideon Martyn Forsyth into the world. It has come to shock many Duggar family fans that Joy-Anna didn’t actually give birth to Gideon at home, but instead at a hospital. This raises many questions among fans as the Duggar women usually always deliver their babies at home which is why some people think that Joy-Anna had complications during her delivery of Gideon which resulted in her needing to go to the hospital.

How did people know that Joy-Anna Duggar was in the hospital?

Now, the reason why people know that Joy-Anna was in the hospital for the delivery of Gideon is because of what one Duggar family member posted on Instagram. This family member would be one of the many cousins of this family Amy Duggar. When Amy uploaded this picture to her Instagram page, she quickly deleted it, but that didn’t stop fans from screenshotting the image and uploading it elsewhere. These fans were rather curious in the comments and askrd why Joy-Anna was in the hospital with her baby. For example, one fan commented, “So something must have happened for her to deliver at the hospital because in a video she talked about a birthing pool.” Another wrote, “When you deliver a 10 [pound] baby, a lot of plans change.

Especially for a first-time momma.” This video that these fans are referring to is a TLC video, and in it, Joy-Anna talks about how they have their whole Birth Pool set up. For instance, here is a snippet of what she said about giving birth in her pool “We got the birth pool set up. We got our house somewhat cleaned out.” This quote just goes to show that plans must have obviously changed if Joy-Anna ended up in the hospital during the delivery of Gideon.

What is everyone else in the Duggar family doing?

The Duggar family have been a very busy family as of recently as they have been in the headlines a lot over the last couple of weeks. Jill Duggar’s husband Derick Dillard was in the news for attacking the victims of the recent Parkland High School shooting. This is not Dillard’s first time in trouble either, as he was kicked off the Duggar family’s TLC reality television series “Counting On” after he made quite transphobic remarks about fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings online. Now, to keep up to date with all things related to this family be sure to follow Blasting News on social media, so you don’t miss anything at all.