Counting On” aired the season finale last night and fans are being vocal about Season 7. Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell's wedding was featured and there have been so many things that have happened since. Jill Duggar and derick dillard were removed from the show, Jinger Duggar announced she was pregnant, Kendra also revealed she was expecting and that it was a little boy, and Josiah Duggar became engaged to Lauren Swanson. With all of the exciting events coming up, another season is definitely necessary.

What the fans want

Since announcing that Derick Dillard was no longer welcome on the network, “Counting On” fans have been up in arms about losing access to Jill Duggar.

She is definitely a fan-favorite, more popular than some of her other sisters. She was the first Duggar daughter married, which was a huge deal. Dillard has always creeped some viewers out, but being in a covenant marriage makes it hard for Jill to leave. TLC has a way of punishing the wife for the husband's actions which was also the case with Josh and Anna Duggar.

There has been plenty of pushback on social media regarding Jill Duggar not being on “Counting On.” Viewers were able to watch Israel grow up, but Samuel isn't being shown at all. Jill has been on the show since the beginning and she didn't do anything wrong. TLC had to cut ties with Derick Dillard because he kept putting his foot in his mouth.

Since the announcement came about severing ties, the reality star has made even more outrageous statements on Twitter. He was a liability and their decision wasn't taken lightly.

Moving forward

It looks like TLC won't be changing their mind about allowing Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard to be filmed. In Touch Weekly has chronicled the comments from fans who have been speaking out about their desire to see Jill back.

Season 7 wasn't the same without her, and going forward, several of the events will have to be edited to not include her. It appears to be a lot of work for the network, but they still are not willing to budge. The risks outweigh the potential for higher ratings with bringing Jill back. Despite the attempts made by viewers, this is essentially a lost cause until the show ends or it changes networks.

“Counting On” is reportedly resuming sometime this summer, picking up after Joseph and Kendra's wedding. With all of the new babies and wedding planning happening, the “Counting On” filming crew should be busy.