It is almost time for a new season of "Dancing With the Stars." Fans are wondering if Julianne Hough will return again and she is now speaking out about that but is also sharing that her Husband wants to be on the show. People shared the details about what Julianne had to say in a recent interview.

Julianne spills the tea

Julianne Hough did share one big thing and that is that she won't be back on the show again next season. You never know when she will change her mind and come back again. Julianne has been there as a dancer, but she has also been on the show as a judge.

She said, "Just new chapters of life. I mean, I love the show. I’ll always be a part of either the show somehow – Dancing with the Stars — or just being a part of like the movement of dance." She went on to explain how she loves seeing dancers in the front and not just in the background now. Julianne has been out on tour lately with her brother Derek Hough and the fans love seeing them dance.

Brooks wants his chance

Her husband, Brooks Laich, is ready to join the show, though. He wants to compete and of course, if Julianne was there as a judge that wouldn't work. It would be fun to watch them compete against each other on the show. He is an NHL player and explained the reason he wants to join the show.

Brooks said, "I would because I want to learn technically how to lead my wife.” He went on to talk about how they even dance around the kitchen together and he will try to lead, but the thing is that he just doesn't really know how to do it. He admits the show would be great for him to learn from.

Of course, Julianne Hough can teach him some of that at home, but it just isn't the same.

If you are part of "Dancing With the Stars," then you are practicing the moves several hours a day. That is not the kind of practice that Brooks could get anywhere else. Seeing he is a pro athlete, then he is perfect for the next season of the show. Now that "Dancing With the Stars" is going to get word that he is interested in the show, they may decide to reach out to him and see if they can get him to actually join.

These two sound like they are really happy being married. Julianne Hough admits that it does feel a bit different and she loves being able to call him "husband."

Are you surprised to hear that Julianne Hough isn't coming back again? Do you feel like her husband should compete? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Dancing With the Stars" when the show returns to ABC.