Sveta Biyalova is breathtakingly beautiful. She also has a great sense of humor and the uncanny ability to entertain. The 26-year old Instagram star has been making huge waves on social media. With 5.9 million followers, she's become a big name among the Insta-famous and has famous followers such as Huda Beauty, Tyrese, and Blac Chyna keeping tabs on her next move.

With an ever-growing fan base and plans to continue slaying in the very near future, Sveta Biyalova took a moment to answer some of our burning questions in this Exclusive Q&A. See what Sveta had to say about her life and her career.

Sveta shares her story

1. Tell us about your early Instagram days. What inspired your content?

"I've always been passionate about experiencing new moments the world has to offer me. I love Instagram because it is a platform for discovery - traveling to new places and meeting unique individuals along the way has always been an inspiration for my content."

2. When did you start noticing you were becoming "Insta-Famous?

"When I began receiving wide varieties of funny comments and positive feedback I really started acknowledging my audience growth. I love hearing others' opinions so seeing the comments I receive on new posts is always a sweet reminder of my supporters"

3. With your following now, how would you categorize yourself?

Celeb, model, influencer?

"I like to consider myself an entertainer, I love to transition across media and make others laugh."

4. A lot of people see a pretty picture, but don't understand the work put behind it to make the image just right. Can you break down an average selfie post for us?

"Lighting is everything! Solid natural light and a smile is all a good selfie calls for."


How do you plan to continue to evolve your brand and do you think social media will last forever?

"Social media has consumed so much of the entertainment space that I see myself/my brand growing and evolving with it, wherever it may go. Focusing my content on comedy, travel and technology are amongst my immediate goals."

6. Anything you want to say to your fans/followers?

"Sending all my love from Moscow!"

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