It is almost time for a new season of "Teen Mom 2" and the Fans are curious about what is going to happen. They are already filming, but haven't revealed yet when the new season will start. Viewers are assuming that it will be airing not long after "Teen Mom OG" ends their season on MTV.

Details about Jenelle's appearances on new season

It would be shocking if Jenelle Evans wasn't going to be on the new season of "Teen Mom 2." She will be there, but on Twitter today she shared that some of her family won't be there in the future, which really does surprise the fans.

Jenelle's first tweet shared that her daughter Ensley won't be on the show at all after this season. It sounds like Ensley will be on the part that they already filmed, but they won't be allowed to film with her anymore.

It is kind of hard to imagine a show about being a mom not having their children on it. The fans are commenting on it and pointing out that Jenelle did join the show because of being Jace's mom and not Ensley's mom. There is a lot of speculation that this has to do with the fact that her husband David Eason won't be on the show this season after being fired.

Jenelle did not confirm or deny that fact at all. It would make sense that David might not want his new daughter to be part of the series.

She also went on to share that Kaiser won't be on the show either. Jenelle said that Jace might be on the show part of the time, but not full-time. When Jenelle was picked up for "Teen Mom 2" it was because of the fact that she had Jace, so not having him on the show at all really wouldn't make sense.

Jenelle snaps back at a follower

One follower tweeted to Jenelle Evans saying that, hopefully, she wouldn't be on the show either. She went as far as to retweet them and respond to the follower saying "I retweeted you. Feel better about your life now?" Other fans made comments about how they should just cut Jenelle out and leave Barb on the show.

She actually retweeted several fans that had negative things to say about her.

One fan made it seem like the show wouldn't be much without Jenelle on it. This follower said, "You bring the most ratings and the rest just live off your fame while you get bad press. If you leave them the rest of them will have to find jobs." Jenelle Evans replied saying, "Well we shall see."

Are you shocked to hear that Jenelle Evans won't have her daughter Ensley on the show? Hopefully, MTV announces when "Teen Mom 2" will be back soon. Don't miss new episodes of "Teen Mom 2" when it returns to MTV.