Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are going to be on the new season of "marriage boot camp." A new preview shows that she is actually going to accuse Matt of hitting her. WEtv shared the details in a new preview. These two obviously have their own problems.

On this show, they have counselors to help them through it all and try to work on their marriage issues. Amber and Matt being on the show together was actually filmed a long time ago. The fans are going to see a lot of stuff they don't know about this couple when the show airs. On "Marriage Boot Camp," they really get into the serious stuff and don't hold back at all.

The counselors pull everything out of them and don't let them keep things secret. Amber's accusation is one of those things.

Amber's harsh accusation

In one part of the preview, Amber Portwood is screaming at Matt and telling him that he is "a piece of sh**." He seems shocked asking her "really?" She does on to ask him if he knows why she is so angry and that is when the accusation comes out from her. She then yells at him saying "because you hit me!!!" This is a pretty harsh accusation against Matt and one that Amber wasn't afraid to say on the show.

Now the fans have to wonder if this is true or not. They didn't show Matt saying his thoughts on it all, though. The fans want to hear what he has to say about it and if it is true or not.

You know that this is going to be a really big topic on the show this season.

Amber gets wild on the show

Amber Portwood is going to get pretty wild on the show. She is seen yelling at someone and cussing them out even asking if she looks like she is high. She is telling everyone off and even mentioning that she might pull a Teresa Giudice and flip a table on her.

Amber Portwood is not going to hold back at all on this show.

This season of "Marriage Boot Camp" also has Brandi Glanville on it according to the preview. She is always full of drama, so putting her and Amber together might not be the best thing. Amber's mother will also be on this season of the show to try to work through things with her.

This should make for an explosive season, but every season of this show is pretty wild. Amber going up against Matt and her mom both is something the fans don't want to miss.

What do you think of Amber Portwood's accusations against Matt Baier? Do you feel like he really hit her? Don't miss the new season of "Marriage Boot Camp" when it starts airing again on WE TV. It will be here just next month and should be a wild season of the show.